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Мадрид, Испания
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POINT is the result of uniting technology with design to create a range of high-precision accent luminaires with excellent technical qualities. A high performance optical design with laser focus, LED with high colour rendering, no visible screws, minimal occupation of space and an arm which supports the light while the wiring is discreetly incorporated inside the luminaire. POINT goes unnoticed, giving prominence to the illuminated object or space.

POINT can be installed as track-mounted spotlights or as recessed luminaire, allowing for different applications with the same aesthetic for variable lighting. Its versatile and functional design is easily integrated into the atmosphere of any kind of space such as art galleries, retail spaces, restaurants, hotels and other dynamic spaces.

With the recessed and spotlight versions, the POINT collection offers the highest technical quality and maximum flexibility. POINT also takes care of all the details, including the auxiliary laser focus, the absence of visible screws and the minimal wiring space in the arm supporting the light.

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Коллекция Point by FLUVIA
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