Papertrophy ELEPHANT

Украшение для стен

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Украшение для стен

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You don't need to fear these thrusting tusks! As a paper  figure on the wall the Papertrophy elephant is quite tame. With the dimensions 33 x 59 x 43 cm, the wall trophy of high-quality FSC-certified paper radiates stoic composure in homes and offices.

The already pre-creased and pre-cut pieces are numbered and can also be folded into an exceptional animal head without origami skills. In addition to the white thrusting tusk, the Papertrophy animal trophy - which is faithfully modeled after its fellows in the wilderness -  especially draws all eyes to his upstretched trunk and the impressive ears. Instead of dermis, we however use filigree paper in grey & white. The artfully crafted paper figure looks majestic but still natural.

Get the gentle giant in the low poly design strength and bring peace to your home!

The Papertrophy paper glue is not part of this paper animal and must be ordered in addition to the paper animal.

270g/m², FSC-certified paper
pre-cut & pre-creased parts

Подробная информация от производителя о ELEPHANT
33 x 59 x 43 cm

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