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Protagonist of an entrepreneurial development of great success, Ceramica Sant'Agostino was set up in 1964 near Ferrara, in an area far from the place in Emilia where most of the Italian ceramic factories are situated. This choice meant for the company a strong project autonomy and an innovative strategic vision. The factory, always managed by the founder's family, continues to develop its research for innovative products and innovative processes. Ceramica Sant'Agostino manufactures its products in Italy at 100% and in Sant'Agostino head office conceives and creates a wide range of high level products, able to satisfy the on going technical and stylistic market requirements.

Ceramica Sant’Agostino: Italian ceramic tiles

Ceramica Sant’Agostino is an Italian company specialized in the manufacturing of floor coverings and wall coverings in ceramic tiles and porcelain stoneware. Founded in 1964, the company is still in the hands of the family of its founder. A strong reliance on its own abilities and decisions and a clear strategic vision guaranteed innovation and constant growth.
All products of Ceramica Sant’Agostino are conceived and manufactured in Ferrara, seat of the company's headquarter and its production facility. They are innovative, high-tech, sophisticated and environmentally friendly. Among the many successful collections we may name Flexible Architecture by Philippe Starck and My Decor by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba.
Ceramica Sant’Agostino products are highly appreciated in Italy and have found a ready market in many European and non-European countries, too.
Quality, innovation, high technology and respect for the environment. These are the values which have made Ceramica Sant’Agostino a leader in the ceramic tile sector, with a long story of 50 years and yet definitely future-oriented, with its extremely transversal production range which responds to the most varied needs of contemporary lifestyles. The beautiful appearance and high performance of these products are the result of coherent and strategic choices of the company which focuses its goal on reaching a total quality of the entire production system: conceived, programmed and built to meet the highest technical and qualitative requirements in the forefront in the national and international prospect. A continuously evolving technology used by the company in its constant research into new forms of ceramic expression, to create high-design products which fully comply with the strictest environmental protection standards. Today this means being a cutting-edge company: having clear corporate responsibility to create a sustainable future. Better for all.

Ceramic. The sure choice.

Did you know that ceramic is a safe material, plastic free and completely recyclable? But above all, ceramic is beautiful because it is authentic, capable of giving style and value to any setting. Ceramica Sant'Agostino, with its strong roots in the territory and more than fifty years of history, is an international company that, even with a mentality definitely projected towards the future, has preserved its values and traditions intact. The company has always focused stylistic and technological research towards projects that are consistent and aimed at ensuring the highest quality of materials. The high aesthetic and technical performance of its products are the result of distinctive choices, which brought the brand to imprint its own unmistakable mark in the world ceramic industry. ... More ... less





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