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Bergamo / Italy

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Every day, for over a hundred years now, Bruno Spreafico has been thinking of the future, focusing closely on experience, sophisticated creativity, hand-crafted skills and premium-quality materials, to produce contemporary wooden furniture. Our approach to crafting wood revolves around respect for the material, a focus on its unique qualities and the tireless pursuit of solutions for everyday life, able to stir the emotions and satisfy the desires of our customers.

A mix of materials

The experience of generations of craftsmen, teamed with our talent for designing and creating products with a contemporary style, has allowed us to build a furnishing culture backed by a sound, reliable range of services. We design and produce tables, sideboards, bathroom furniture, bookcases and furnishing accessories in which wood is always the key material. We limit treatments to a minimum so the essence of our woods can shine through and be complemented by different materials, such as metal, leather and glass, to create products that are both beautiful and unique.

Our local roots

We operate in Bergamo, where the local craftsmen are traditionally renowned worldwide for the outstanding quality of their work, their experience, industriousness and ability to work in a team to guarantee a job well done. Bespoke quality: each item we produce is shaped by the hands of our craftsmen and custom-made to meet the requirements of our customers. Tradition: all our processes are carried out by master craftsmen, taking on board a tradition we have been building on since 1920, one generation after another. Reliability: each product we create is crafted with care every step of the way, allowing us to guarantee top quality standards every time. Research and innovation: our past is the driver that allows us to look to the future with awareness and expertise. Italian soul: each one of our products is 100% made in Italy, with complete respect and esteem for all the skills engaged in the production process. ... More ... less

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