Dada Is a State of Mind

Maison Dada to launch a series of new collections at Maison&Objet 2020

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Dada Is a State of Mind
15/01/2019 - Collages, inventions, re-appropriations: Maison Dada creates objects that are gently crazy, defying certainty, taste and gravity. The style is poetic, bold, playful, daring and based on the belief that everybody deserve inspiring and meaningful design. 

Maison Dada is launching a series of new collections at Maison&Objet 2020, including several furniture pieces, accessories and lightings, mainly designed by art director Thomas Dariel, who keeps injecting creativity and vitality into the brand continuously. Meanwhile Maison Dada Paris showroom is also fully revamped, providing a brand-new living space experience with the design concept of futurism from the 1970s.

Major Tom
Major Tom’s Seatings collection, designed by Thomas Dariel, includes Armchair, sofa and Ottoman and hails its name from the fictional character referenced in David Bowie’s song « Space Oddity » that depicts an astronaut which casually slips the bonds of the world to journey beyond the stars. The song’s promotional video shows Bowie as Major Tom in a space-inspired outfit designed by Pierre Cardin. Maison Dada, MAJOR TOM

Maison Dada, MAJOR TOM

With their lunar shapes and curved silhouettes, one can easily imagine the Major Tom seatings displayed inside the famed couturier’s eponymous house, « The Palais Bulles », joyous bubbling landmark of architecture for alternate life. Bowie and Cardin, two trailblazing artists who shared a lifelong fascination with the moon, two men who were disruptors in their field and whose creations are still contemporary because immune to trends. 50 years after moon landing, we are still looking at the stars.

Sumo armchair is an obvious nod to the Japanese modern martial art and full-contact wrestling form that is Sumo. Only practiced professionally in Japan, Sumo encompasses the quintessence of traditions, identity and strength. Maison Dada, SUMO

Maison Dada, SUMO

With four sturdy legs and a burly figure, Sumo is firmly anchored to the ground. Yet while the armchair is the very image of purpose, fearlessness and unyieldingness, its rare shape, soft lines and fabric upholstery brings it elegancy and stature. As Hiroko Matsumoto, Pierre Cardin’s longtime muse and first Japanese fashion model to walk in the Paris collections, Sumo is a shining star.

Mira pays homage to the famous Spanish painter and sculptor Miro, known for the eccentricity and humor featured in his work, including
twisted shapes and bizarre geometric structures.  Maison Dada, MIRA

Maison Dada, MIRA

These three side tables are just like the palette condensed from flying colors under Miro’s brush. Their organic shape appears to be innocent and pure. Side or coffee table, the pieces can be used independently or assembled altogether.

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