Design Innovation of Modular Settee Systems

Prostoria's New Products at imm cologne 2020

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Design Innovation of Modular Settee Systems
23/12/2019 - At imm cologne 2020, Prostoria will launch two new modular sofas, Absent and After, each of them with a new aspect of innovation in this typology.

Prostoria's new modular sofa ABSENT, designed by Numen/ForUse, is the culmination of the company's knowledge in exploring new levels of comfort. Unfolding as a fluid organic shape, Absent is designed for a body position in between sitting and lying down. Prostoria, ABSENT

Prostoria, ABSENT

It is designed as a modular system combining various backrest heights with different seat depths, while the soft pillow adds to the sofa’s ergonomics and particular sensual experience. Absent’s ergonomic design provides premium comfort and a fully customized lounging experience with a futuristic flair. The sofa's distinctive character is embodied in its sculptural, fluid transitions, which creates a strong identity and makes it a grand statement piece of furniture in the interior. It is therefore ideal for furnishing larger spaces.

AFTER, another modular system designed by Numen/ForUse, is a crossover between architecture and design. It embodies the configuration of a spatial algorithm that creates a soft interior landscape, fitting for larger spaces. Prostoria, AFTER

Prostoria, AFTER

This concept provides a solution for your entire interior design project based solely on four basic elements - seater with backrest, two corners and a pouf. The system allows for functionality by building endless interior configurations. Its pragmatic design brings the ultimate comfort of a home sofa into an office environment, hotel lobby or airport lounge, offering a cocoon of privacy. With its seamlessly interconnected seats and poufs, it generates a soft terrain of sloping surfaces that are also pliable for leisure and socializing at home. Even in smaller spaces, After’s individual elements can be used to create islands or clusters for various situational contexts. Radically simple and clean, the design is led by the idea of a three-dimensional spatial composition that contradicts the traditional definitions of an L-shaped sofa and interior. After’s fundamentally neutral character can thus become dominant, depending on the person composing the space.

Prostoria will showcase its collection at Imm Cologne 2020 in Hall 11.2, Stand J030 K031.

Prostoria on Archiproducts.comProstoria, AFTER

Prostoria, AFTER

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