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Light According to Zero
08/06/2020 - Zero presents its new colelction for 2020 in keeping with their preference for attractive and functional designs. The latest news are designed by Jens Fager, Samuel Wilkinson, Note Design Studio, Bernstrand & Borselius, Bernstrand & Ståhlbom and Thomas Bernstrand.

Compose – Jens Fager 2020
A new, playful series of lamps; carefully considered and designed to the smallest detail. COMPOSE, with its distinctive cast aluminium body, contains the very latest technology, including LED lighting and the opportunity of DALI control in large public environments. Zero, COMPOSE


COMPOSE and its modular design works excellently as a pendant in its basic form or allows countless compositions due to the large number of variations in glass and metal shades. That makes it suitable for many projects. Both in repetition, as clusters in a hotel lobby, as well as single lights over a café table. The diffuse lens helps spread a pleasant and gentle light. “I want COMPOSE to be like a tool, almost like an instrument, where the most beautiful music is composed,” says Jens Fager.  This is the first phase in COMPOSE’s evolution and series of lights.

Haze - Samuel Wilkinson 2020
Haze is new pendant lamp that is a modern interpretation of an oriental lantern with collars capping a rounded form. The lamp features a bespoke 3D knit stretched cover that hugs tightly around the globe with wooden collars top and bottom to hide the ends of the fabric and keep it neat. Zero, HAZE

Zero, HAZE

Named HAZE after the visual fading effect around the edge. This effect is created when illuminated light is incrementally masked by the knit when as it wraps around the rounded diffuser. Haze has a soft approachable personality due to its friendly form and approachable materials with the knitted melange fabric and natural wood. Haze would sit as comfortably in the home or in the office and would work well on its own or in a group. Samuel Wilkinson: “The idea arrived by accident after testing some 3d knitted fabrics for another project on top of a round form in the studio. By chance we noticed this hazing effect that happened as the light faded around the form due to the thickness of the fabric. From this discovery it was a case of developing the elements to refine the design and try to bring it together in an attractive way.”
Landscape - Note Design Studio 2020
The idea of transforming environments associated with straight lines and repetitive structures, was the starting point when designing the Landscape pendant. Zero, LANDSCAPE


Inspired by the absence of linearity in the unrestricted nature, we extracted the silhouette of distant mountain ranges. In the meeting between several luminaries, one can distinguish peaks and valleys, as a rolling landscape. Use as a signum pendant on its own, or create a continuous silhouette. 

FOTO - Thomas Bernstrand & Mattias Ståhlbom 2020
The FOTO lamp was designed in 2006, as the name implies, is a product with clear echoes from the lamps used in photography and filming. FOTO is an elegantly styled product, with meticulous attention paid right down to the minutest detail. Zero, FOTO

Zero, FOTO

FOTO is made of cast aluminium and is available as a floor, ceiling, table or wall lamp. This year, 2020, the spotlights are updated with the latest LED technology and FOTO now comes in new updated colours.

BOB - Bernstrand & Berselius
In collaboration with well-known furniture brand Blå Station, their BOB sofa system has been given a fixture that takes its contours to new heights while being anchored in the backrest. Zero, BOB

Zero, BOB

Zero also offers a freestanding floor-lamp version and a pendant with the same likeable, round character. A dimmable LED behind a convex glare shield provides intimate and screened-off illumination; available in standard black or white. With inbuilt LED module 10W  3000K. New for 2020, this fixture is now available as a bow that billows over the BOB sofa. The distance between the lights follows the same mathematics as the sofa modules. This new version works well over sofas, in corridors, above conference tables, etc.  

City Globe wall and cantenary fitting - Thomas Bernstrand 2020
The City Globe family has become many people’s favourite, with its archetypal shape and generous diameter. Not to mention its broad range of applications. Zero, CITY GLOBE cantenary fitting

Zero, CITY GLOBE cantenary fitting

A variety of globes can be chosen in many colours. Outer globe in greytoned polycarbonate and inner globe in cracled glass or opal glass. This fixture is now even easier to position in different types of environments. 

Shibuya wall and ceiling - Thomas Bernstrand 2020
A little sister to the acclaimed Daikanyama fixture; inspired by fairy lights, colourful lanterns and the vibrant Shibuya district in Tokyo. Various globes in many patterns and colours affix to a cast housing. Zero, SHIBUYA ceiling

Zero, SHIBUYA ceiling

SILO wall - Note Design Studio 2020
A small, iconic fixture inspired by the classical silhouette of a grain silo. This shape was refined during the design phase to finally become SILO – a  minimalistic pendant with a distinct industrial character. Zero, SILO wall

Zero, SILO wall

SILO, with its colour range of white, black, yellow, grey, ivory, apricot and green, can both step forward in a room and become a dynamic element or step back and blend into its surroundings.

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