Pedrali Wears Classic Blue

The colour of the year seen through the brand's collections

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Pedrali Wears Classic Blue
08/01/2020 - The Pedrali collections wear Classic Blue, an iconic, classic and timeless color capable of evoking the intense shades of the twilight sky. Officially identified with the code 19-4052, the Pantone 2020 belongs to the range of cold tones and at the same time can be a warm, embracing and soft one.

The products are extremely versatile and can give a touch of personality to the environment in which they are placed: the furniture in Classic Blue nuance creates a calm and relaxed atmosphere, without leaving out a touch of audacity. Buddy, Pedrali

Buddy, Pedrali

Jazz chair, which completes the homonymous collection characterized by harmony of shapes, ergonomics and elegance, conveys a feeling of delicateness and warmth. A comfortable seating with upholstered seat and backrest with a wide range of coverings that ensures a high level of personalization of the product. Folk, Pedrali

Folk, Pedrali

Héra, the armchair designed by Patrick Jouin, embodies the concept of lightness, fusing it with comfort. Wood - the ultimate natural raw material – is the inspiration behind it and, in true respect for the material, the French designer chose to preserve it by purifying this design and presenting an extremely refined, fluid form. The upholstered seat in polyurethane foam supported by elastic belts gives great cosiness. Fox, Pedrali

Fox, Pedrali

Folk collection, designed by CMP Design, plays on colour, thicknesses and wood processing. An essential and convivial seating characterized by soft and compact dimensions but at the same time comfortable and embracing. The shapes of past times/tradition are redesigned through new technological possibilities: the light, durable diecasted aluminium ring, becomes the structural and distinctive element which enables the chair to be easily disassembled. This technical aspect determines the aesthetics of the product and its distinctive character, allowing to host the seat, which is available in ash plywood, upholstered or natural cane. Héra, Pedrali

Héra, Pedrali

CMP Design has also designed Jamaica, the collection inspired by Bar Jamaica in Milan's Via Brera, a legendary hub for intellectuals and artists in the twentieth century. Jamaica has a modernist design yet looks to the past to reinterpret historic forms with a touch of humour. The combination of different materials such as wood, metal and upholstery exemplify Italian “knowhow”, one of Pedrali’s strong points. Jamaica, Pedrali

Jamaica, Pedrali

Classic Blue emerges inside outdoor environments through Tribeca, the collection designed by CMP Design which draws inspiration from childhood memories of summer, with its modern and contemporary style. A true icon, revisited with new materials: a steel frame, combined with the elasticity of a profile in vertically-woven plastic material that is remarkably durable, easy to clean and colourful. Log, Pedrali

Log, Pedrali

The unmissable family of Buddy poufs, designed by Busetti Garuti Redaelli, with its soft lines and the minimal and simple design, has a friendly, versatile character. Thanks to their different sizes, there are multiple and chromatic combinations matching the varied needs of contemporary and multipurpose spaces.


Tribeca, Pedrali

Ara, Pedrali

Ara, Pedrali

Jazz, Pedrali

Jazz, Pedrali

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