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Professional Lighting Design Convention 2019 Merges Masterminds

23 - 26 October 2019 Rotterdam

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Professional Lighting Design Convention 2019 Merges Masterminds
07/11/2019 - PLDC - Professional Lighting Design Convention 2019 again defined changes for the overall market. A number of meetings and activities throughout the event not only offered room for questions, but actually offered answers with regard to the pursuit of recognition for qualified professionals.
Merging masterminds… makes absolute sense!
The future depends on our ability to cooperate and how well we can manage to bring the right people with the right know-how together to create the right team. We do not need a list of reasons why we should be doing this. Over the last two years we have witnessed sufficient evidence at a political level to ensure we understand what, and who, it takes. Our planet is not as politically stable as it can or should be, and the global economy is now considerably less dynamic and is showing far more signs of uncertainty than it did two years ago. Even though the world as a whole appears to be becoming increasingly more complex. Why is that?

And the same applies when it comes to architectural lighting design. True, we now understand far more about how important light is for us humans, and at the same time we are well aware of the challenges associated with the digital revolution, of what sustainability is all about, and what modern social structures we are now part of. Architecture and good lighting are more closely connected than ever before. Spatial design is architecture – lighting design is spatial design, the visualisation of our immediate surroundings. So far, so good! But what can light lend a space to achieve this or support the world as we know it? Architecture, ambience, technology, energy, biorhythm, human beings, flora and fauna, communication, social behaviour. Modern-day society expects more of architects, lighting specialists and manufacturers than ever before – because we understand the meaning and importance of light.
Which is why it is necessary for a team of dedicated professionals to redefine the quality of lighting design in architecture. Good architecture has more than three or even four dimensions and can no longer be realised on a “me only” or “me first” basis. It is all about bringing together the expertise of the professionals required to realise and optimise a project and in the interest of the users of the spaces created.

The motto of PLDC 2019 in Rotterdam, merging masterminds, was purposefully chosen to encourage discussion on, and the implementation of, new ways of cooperating on architectural projects. To this day, architects, lighting designers, programmers, sociologists, media experts, researchers, manufacturers and clients only see the challenges we need to face, but have no conclusive solutions for the future at the ready. This is the point at which PLDC 2019 in Rotterdam took real steps to encourage reflection and discussion on forwardlooking approaches to appropriate and meaningful cooperation.

This is what it will take to ensure the lighting designer or lighting specialist is still regarded as a partner when it comes to architectural projects – more than ever in this day and age! PLDC 2019 underlines the fact that it will require the lighting community to take a new and updated look at itself. Just as the international lighting world became a united community 25 years ago in order to define the role and responsibilities of the practising lighting designer and start to pave the way towards establishing recognition for the profession, it is vital that lighting designers and specialists around the world get their heads together again to stay on the right track.

The Plenary Session on Thursday at PLDC in Rotterdam marked this new point of departure, similar to when the lighting community gathered at the first PLDC in London in 2007, which led the way to many successful years of development.
Plenary session on the pursuit of recognition
The lighting design community is spread across all countries and continents. PLDC marks the largest gathering of persons from the different sectors within the lighting design community at different levels – lighting designers, lighting educators and researchers, architects, media architecture designers, urban planners, light artists, designers and facilitators from related disciplines, public and private clients, students of Lighting Design and related disciplines.

In some countries around the globe lighting designers’ associations have been founded. Many of these sign up as Partner Associations of PLDC and recommend that their members attend the Thought Leadership convention to learn and network. Some associations are active on a local scale, others partner with other associations or events to gain visibility.

At the first PLDC event, PLDC 2007 in London/UK, a Declaration on establishing Lighting Design as a profession was read out to a room packed with just over 1000 PLDC attendees. In the meantime, PLDC has been known to attract more than 2000 attendees.

Twelve years after the first PLDC in London, the convention is now staged annually. Serving as a platform for networking and discussion on and around professional practice, the spirit and enthusiasm that builds up before the respective event and follows in its wake has given rise to renewed interest in discussing the way forward with regard to gaining official recognition for the work performed by lighting designers/specialists in this day and age.

Over the past years, a group of lighting professionals and enthusiasts have been working together in a Think/Do Tank* to define the necessary steps for gaining recognition to raise the profession to the next level. One main point that evolved from these discussions is the need for a working, independent CPD structure for practising lighting designers to follow in the course of their career – in their own time and in different ways.

The PLDC 2019 programme included a 45-minute plenary session, offering the design community the chance to express their views and ideas on the status of Lighting Design in the world and to explain what structures and collaborative efforts are required to define what knowledge, skills, creativity and creative thinking are required to recognise qualified professionals in the field.

The Plenary Session closed with an official vote from the plenum to obtain a clear statement on the pursuit of recognition. 80.2 % of the Plenum vote YES! that forming a common front committing to a professionally structured and independently coordinated CPD platform is the way forward to gaining recognition for qualified lighting professionals.
The PLDR Award winners 2019
Congratulations to all winners of the PLDR Awards! We would like to express our thanks to Xicato for donating the lighting module for the PLDR Award trophies.

Further thanks to Robe for their generous support as Material Sponsor of the dinner and party, and ACT Lighting Design for their breath-taking design scenario for the evening. Find out who was nominated and who received the glowing trophies here.

The organisers would like to thank all sponsors and partners for supporting PLDC 2019: 71 Industry Partners, 18 Media Partners, 21 Partner Associations, 35 Partner Universities and Institutes, four Partner Cities and seven Partner Events attracted 1560 attendees to PLDC 2019 in Rotterdam!
Professional Lighting Design Convention 2019 Merges Masterminds

Professional Lighting Design Convention 2019 Merges Masterminds

Professional Lighting Design Convention 2019 Merges Masterminds

Professional Lighting Design Convention 2019 Merges Masterminds

Professional Lighting Design Convention 2019 Merges Masterminds

Professional Lighting Design Convention 2019 Merges Masterminds

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