The Significance of a Calm Acoustic Environment

BAUX for the brand-new Wunggurrwill Dhurrung cultural centre

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The Significance of a Calm Acoustic Environment
07/01/2020 - In Wyndham Vale, Australia, the brand-new Wunggurrwill Dhurrung cultural centre recently opened its doors. The Swedish design brand BAUX made a critical contribution to the space, with the provision of acoustic Hexagon Tiles to enrich and enhance its interior environment.

The centre’s mission is to serve as a place for gathering, learning, events, service provision, and Early Years education, where sound comes to play a significant role in establishing an environment for well-being. BAUX Hexagon Tiles were selected for the ceilings in the Early Years rooms for their calm, neutral tones, their textural richness and geometry, and their acoustic performance. In this place, the sky stretches boundlessly above the wide-open grasslands and is an important reference point from within the building, viewed from the many clerestory windows. The ceiling decorated in BAUX Hexagon Tiles is expansive and reflects the building’s relationship with its immediate surroundings.

Strong heart and strong design
Wunggurrwill Dhurrung is located in Wyndham Vale in southern Australia, in an urban growth area where the landscape and buildings work in a seamless connection, born out of the place and the people who will inhabit it. The name Wunggurrwil Dhurrung means Strong Heart in one of the native languages, Wathaurung. By combining a centre operated by the Koling Wada-Ngal Committee for Indigenous individuals with an Integrated Family Centre and community spaces, the building is a demonstration of how a community can come together to create new opportunities.

This building has been designed with sensitivity for those on the autism spectrum, which in turn improves the sensory experience for all users by avoiding over-stimulation of the senses. Natural tones and textures provide sensory richness without triggering sensitivities, and acoustic performance is essential to the success of this goal, says Greg Burgess, Architect and founder at GBA.

Australia is one of our key markets and we were delighted to see BAUX Hexagon Tiles used in the Wunggurrwil Dhurrung cultural centre. The architects implemented BAUX in a manner that creates a visual and acoustic harmony. We were also inspired by how the centre was co-designed with a committee of Aboriginal community leaders and representatives, as conscientious design should always consider the end user, says Fredrik Franzon, CEO and founding partner of BAUX.

The Significance of a Calm Acoustic Environment

The Significance of a Calm Acoustic Environment

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