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New collection at imm cologne 2020

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Unexpected Arketipo
13/12/2019 - Surprising and ambitious: Arketipo will unveil their new collection at the upcoming Imm Cologne Fair 2020

Three fascinating rooms all to explore Arketipo whole world, almost a soul reflection, which aims at beauty without compromise.

Design is dominant beyond frills, magic is evoked by the narrative strength, by the aesthetic and textile research: handmade leather twists, exclusive patterns and precious stitchings create bespoke collections, in an unprecedent laboratory where crafting experiences and not only objects.

From the beginning, infact, the mission of Arketipo has been to transform ideas into unique and original collections, constantly pushing the rules and creating the… unexpected!

STARMAN: CAPTURING MOMENTS, design Ludovica+Roberto Palomba
Just saying the word Starman and you will be forgiven for thinking about that eclectic sound that David Bowie had. Where he never stood still in his musical journey, our Ludovica+Roberto Palomba don’t idly wait for inspiration, he finds them in moments and captures them to the way we live, Starman, is no exception. Arketipo, STARMAN

Arketipo, STARMAN

Starman is about imposition, it’s about disturbing elements of the natural order to create something new. New, it’s a meaning that is filled with trepidation yet it needs to be embraced because, new, can also mean changing the status quo. If Bowie played with delineating crescendos and lyrical wordplay, Starman is playing with aggressive and powerful contours, designed to impose their being in a unique space. Here, you will find low backs, curved lines, swooping drops and an illusion of a floating space. This is where design is set against the norm, finding character and its own unique balance to contrast that with. Starman, asking us all look up and capture our own uniqueness without ever holding back.
NASCAR, design Leonardo Dainelli
Take the basic principle of what a chair is, do you have it? It needs to be comfortable, supported, have a style and character that is also unique and even be inspired by something greater… that is what Nascar is about. Arketipo, NASCAR

Arketipo, NASCAR

One look at the back rest and you’d be forgiven for wanting to instantly take a seat. How about the swooping lines, curved arms, a sense of familiarity whilst seated? Did you even notice the legs, maintaining an intrinsic design style that continues with the total aesthetic features of the chair? Everything is created to have a purpose, with Nascar, this is about taking that basic principle of the chair and injecting something completely new into the living space. 
BELAIR, design Leonardo Dainelli
Set aside the name and everything that it conjures and you are left with a chair that is the design brief few would ever accept, but yearn to attempt. Arketipo, BELAIR

Arketipo, BELAIR

Belair thus, is the design lovers' dream, one who wants to experiment with contrasts and materials, one who feels that more can be done with raw design and one who feels that the art of relaxation can only be achieved if the environment is constructed to be as such. Belair then is a dialogue, one of oxymoron and sober simplicity. One where the metal frame cradles intelligently crafted cushions, hand stitched and cared for; one where the construction appears like the chair is floating and one which invites you to take a moment and appreciate its beauty before appreciating how you are at ease with its presence. Trying is then, believing.

AMY, design Giuseppe Viganò
We dare you to look at, Amy and ask the question, why doesn’t this throwback to 1970s design deserve a space in modern living? The answer is simple, it does. You are faced with a dilemma however, what do you look at first? Arketipo, AMY

Arketipo, AMY

Is it the cantilevered structure which creates a sense that you’re floating whilst seated? Is it the seat designed with enveloping comfort and curvature in all the right places? Or is it the slender and decisive armrests that contrast and compliment the eye-catching base? Amy may be an ode to the 1970s, but what a respectful way to bring back the best of design inspiring era.
In 2019 comes out a newest and unprecedented twisted leather headboard, completely handmade, to create something really unique and bespoke. If timeless glamour were an objective, then Auto-Reverse Dream may just be heading for its title. Arketipo, AUTO-REVERSE DREAM


It embodies everything that makes a bed so unique and places it into a new context, the most private in all of our lives, the bedroom. Here we sleep, recharge, dream, find love and enter into a total state of relax, so why can't we create an environment that befits all of these necessary requirements? We can and Auto-Reverse assumes the emotional mantra of creating something that stirs all of the emotions; those of design and function, those of endless possibilities and those that are seeking something that becomes a statement to how we can achieve total comfort. The minimal structure, the hand-crafted materials, the reversible cushions and the limitless opportunities to create something unique with stitchings, zips, colour and material choices. This is what makes Auto-Reverse Dream a true design reality.
PRINCE, design Giuseppe Viganò
If one is an heir to the throne and another was a pioneer of multi-instrumentalism and musical fusion, then Prince by Giuseppe Viganò is unashamedly the heir to grand design. Arketipo, PRINCE

Arketipo, PRINCE

One look and you understand everything you need to know about this stunning vision of what a dining table should be; a place to meet, talk, eat and share unique moments in time. The legs are strong yet refined by an intricate design, one which calls to a different time. Their form is integral to the total approach of the table, they are, if you look closely, based on the form of a fireplace - moreover, they evoke elements of that meeting area where everyone would sit and talk. This is a table that invites you to social living in the grandest of forms. The top? It’s nobility done with a sense of belonging; here, everyone is welcome. It may be big, it may even have swooping lines and curvatures that evoke the idea of... big, but what it manages to do is shrink that space between you and your guests.
ODISSEY, design Mauro Lipparini
The search for the uniqueness is something that makes Arketipo stand out and with Odissey. Take the principle behind a small table and ask, what is its purpose? The answer is simple yet multifaceted.  Arketipo, ODISSEY

Arketipo, ODISSEY

To bring out a room’s style, to make shapes fall into place, to even rest a book, whatever the answer for its purpose, the fact remains that a small table, an Arketipo small table needs to be different. Here we have a laser designed and cut glass that provides a totally perfect lineature to any fixture in a living space. Again, it is contrasted with geometric shapes, long legs and form to bring out balance in what is an Arketipo piece of style and design.
ALIBI, design Mauro Lipparini
There is a clear connection and continuation with Odissey that Alibi brings to the design mantra of Arketipo - find differences in the everyday. Arketipo, ALIBI

Arketipo, ALIBI

Everything thus is in the detail, take a table, like Alibi and make it, an Arketipo table. Where do you begin? First, the top - a resin coated finish that brings out a unique style, here, a geometric pattern that renders it even more unique every time you look at it. What else? How about the rounded corners - punctuating lines and style? The legs, again, an ode to geometry and linear sculpture. That’s what makes an Arketipo product.


An exclusive mix of materials provides an original interpretation of this collection of side tables, available in square and rectangular versions. Marble is the protagonist, while the profiles covered in refined vegetable tanned leather are supported by slender metal feet.
BOLIDE, design Mauro Lipparini
Bolide is anything but sober, this is a statement piece; one for those that are concerned about form, details and ultimately, interior identity. This is a sculptural expression of design, one that takes angles and positions them in a unique set up that is only ever enhanced by our insight into material manipulation and focused approach to details.  Arketipo, BOLIDE

Arketipo, BOLIDE

Think of Bolide as a fluid structure that found its shape through a combination of planned design and natural guidance, Mauro Lipparini talks of “a wavy ribbon” and you’d be hard pressed to not see that form, but there is more to this. Compartments are broken up with a distinctive curvature, the doors form the design whilst the swooping angles add a sense of linear diversity. Naturally it is highlighted by the use of materials, finished in either sucupira or moka, whilst the top - made from machined lacquer - provides contrast in both texture and implementation.
BUBBLE BOBBLE, design Gino Carollo
If we were to tell you that we found the inspiration behind this design from a computer game, what would you say? Soap bubbles perhaps? Both? Design has a way of playing with irony, using it and transforming what is, at first, a strange idea into something tangible, new, different. Arketipo, BUBBLE BOBBLE


That is Bubble Bobble, inspired by the unusual and with a sense of irony. Recognisable by the three glass spheres of different sizes and available in two distinct finishes, they are supported by thin metal strips, playing with natural light between the spheres artificially created by the shapes. It's an emotional construction, one that senses and creates a room's ambience with ease and elegance, all thanks to a play of a few curious minds.
KÉPI, design Gino Carollo
We play with simplicity regularly. Why? Because simplicity is the hardest design form to perfect. It requires precision and attention to detail. It requires knowledge of the materials and what is possible. Arketipo, KÉPI

Arketipo, KÉPI

Képi as such is the latest to play in this area. It is without pretension, yet through a sober and classical interpretation, inspired by the shape of a cylinder; it generates a dynamic figure in its own space. An indisputable star of understated contemporary design, rendering it a gem of the most exclusive interiors.

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