"We Make Furniture to Bring People Closer Together"

Ondarreta at imm cologne 2020

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"We Make Furniture to Bring People Closer Together"
12/12/2019 - "We make furniture to bring people closer together, establish links and strengthen relationships. We want to prompt moments of connection, create new spaces and enrich old ones. We want to bring charm and comfort to meetings, gatherings and conversations; to be the support for those who write books, design posters, send emails, compose letters, enjoy meals, play harps and behold art." This is Ondarreta and that's how they will unveil its brand new collections during imm cologne 2020.

Hari, design by estudi{H}ac
Hari, the result of a new collaboration between Ondarreta and the Spanish design atelier estudi{H}ac. A new collection, with chairs, stools and lounge pieces, with an industrial touch inspired by textile looms and a subtle and elegant feel inspired by delicate sewing thread.

The combination of materials, wood, upholstered, steel and polypropylene, used for the seat and back, makes Hari a collection with a unique personality. All of this allows us to create a series of seats with expressiveness and appearance, which will flawlessly integrate in any space. From the most subtle combination, to the most expressive and colourful one, with the soft curves of the seat, and the simplicity of a steel tubular frame Hari is a recognizable timeless piece.

Ola, design by Silvia Ceñal
In winter, the Cantabric Sea is known for its sea storms that outbreak throughout the whole coast. If you visit the beach during these storms, you will witness one spectacular act, lead by Mother Nature.

An image, a memory that every person born up North has, huge curtains of water that eat up the horizon... the true inspiration behind our new room divider Ola. Ola, allows you to separate spaces in a simple and manageable way, it can be used separately or linked together by its unique base. One of its many features, that make Ola different, is its accesories collection, giving you the possibility to adapt it to any space. Lastly, due to its upholstered structure, it works as an acoustic panel as well.

Alo, design by Gabriel Teixidó
Alo, an elegant chair designed by Gabriel Teixidó, a steel structure that surrounds a varnished, upholstered or laminated wooden shell.

Different materials meet and respect their space, leaving an air space between them that make the piece lightweight, endowing it with an elegant and simple personality. The collection continues to grow; the chair, lounge xl and stool are now accompanied by their outdoor version. Long steel ribbons, surrounded by the recognizable steel structure, will make this your go to chair for your garden or open terrace.

Dry, design by Ondarreta Team
Dry, the most architectural basic line in the catalogue, has led to the creation of shelves with the same sober style, its modular construction allows an infinite number of combinations. With a steel structure, it can be completed with modules with doors, drawers, castors and even perforated panels. Apart from steel shelves, Ondarreta also offers alternative shelves in birch plywood. 

The origin of this family can be traced back to a bench with simple, light and sober lines whose aesthetics have been transferred to the Dry collection of tables. Now there are also new double or triple tables, with the possibility of composing these in different heights, widths and lengths. And in this way an outstanding  collection has been created. One of the new incorporations this year for the Dry collection, is the possibility to join the table with the shelves, creating a functional product for office spaces or home-offices. Another incorporation to the family is the Dry Planter. Using the structure of the shelves, and beautiful birch plywood planters, we’ve created a shelve that will not only work for storage but will dress up every room.

Bai, design by Ander Lizaso
Bai: the chair that means ‘yes’ in the Basque language and which already offered multiple types of metallic structures is now presented with wooden legs.

In stained oak or stained beech, from one side they appear square, and from the other side rounded. It is a model that reaches full maturity, being offered with or without upholstery and with the full range of structures that provide different functionalities for both domestic and office settings or as contract furniture.

Silu, design by Ben van Berkel // UNStudio
Ben van Berkel’s continuous chair is made out of wood in an extraordinary way. Stability is its outstanding quality, in addition to a sustainable, ergonomic and contemporary design following the tradition of the best carpentry techniques and expertise in the curving of wood, which occurs in two directions in the back of the chair. 

The Silu table, the quality of the wood construction is clearly apparent, especially in the joint between the leg and the table top, where it curves to meet the solid wood. Following the same forms as the chair, it avoids edges at this point. The wood is certified ash or oak and is available in natural colours but also in a range of stains that can be combined.

Lana, design by Yonoh Studio
The lounge chair collection continues to grow, with different upholsteries and finishes to suit all kinds of environments.

Two great allies, wood and steel, come together to fit out a variety of spaces, from a waiting room or a living room to the lobby of any hotel.The wood version draws on the tradition of curved solid wood. In the steel version the shape of the backrest plays with the dimensions and intertwines with the structure to lend it a more unique appearance. This year, we will be showcasing new materials, a wide range of colours to combine: new stained beech, new epoxy colours, as well as new fabrics.

Aia, design by Nadia Arratibel
Ondarreta’s design team offers its own proposals in a range of colours and finishes for all families of tables, chairs and shelves that can be combined with each other.

Puffs and cushions complete the possibilities of combining fabrics with other textiles designed to match the upholstered seats of the collections and the natural or non-natural finishes of their respective wood or steel structures.

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