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SENSO | Waschbecken aus Cristalmood®

Ovales Aufsatzwaschbecken aus Cristalmood®

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SENSO | Waschbecken aus Cristalmood® By Antonio Lupi Design


Ovales Aufsatzwaschbecken aus Cristalmood®


aus Cristalmood®


Senso is a rectangular top mount sink in Cristalmood, available in various colors complete with drain pipe fitting and open plug.‎

Antoniolupi presents CERULEO, OLEO e GRAN CRU! Three new colrs for transparent resin Cristalmood.‎ Resistant like stone and transparent like crystal, Cristalmood is a resin that is manually poured into molds.‎ Each product is unique, the slight differences in color, size or small air bubbles give soul and authenticity to each object.‎
The collaboration between Andrea Lupi e Gumdesign gives life to 3 new colors: CERULEO, OLEO e GRAN CRU, that bring the palette to a total of 13 shades.‎ “We have been experimenting and playing around with colors a lot to create the new Cristalmood color palette” say Andrea Lupi and Gumdesign - “and then we are finally ready and very happy with it”.‎

60 x 40 x 15 cm
Abmessungen SENSO | Waschbecken aus Cristalmood®

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