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Research, innovation and originality have always been synonymous work of antoniolupiwhich has seen its production, in recent years, enriched with unique artifacts, ofunusual and admirable projects.‎
The partnership between Paolo Ulian and antoniolupi continues with a new project, born in with a Carrara marble and then realized in Flumood.‎ The freestanding sink Plissè imposes with its solidity softened by parallel signs that run lengthwise down the surface.‎ The traces become an ornament, their development make for a lighter presence, the overall image is elegant and makes reference to the base of the project, the one to the world of textiles.‎
The volume proposes the aesthetics of a pleated fabric with a vertical pattern, a surface that seems to move lightly thanks to the variation of light and the play of shadows determined by the effect in relief.‎
The idea of the Plissè washbasin is born from observing the aesthetic and decorative texture that is created by working high thicknesses of marble with a waterjet cutting technology; aesthetics based on the spontaneous beauty of imperfection, irregularity of rhythm, and of randomness.‎ The traces that become ornament and make the image of this washbasin light.‎
The irregular pleats become the challenge to be able to express those delicate and precious aesthetic 
balances with Flumood (a new concept material, developed and patented by antoniolupi).‎ The volume proposes the aesthetics of a vertical pleated fabric that seems to move lightly thanks to the variation of light and the play of light and shadow determined by the relief effect.‎
The use of Flumood has allowed the creation of the conditions to obtain a result with a strong three dimensional graphic impact, recreating those thin pleats in a new and delicate balance, new aesthetics characterized by the incomparable details of Flumood and deliberately made imperfect by the syncopated rhythm.‎

Freestanding Flumood sink with floor drainage complete with cover plate open plug, siphon and flexible hose.‎

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