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SPICCHIO By Antonio Lupi Design


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The Spicchio collection brings elegance and energy to the theatrical scene of the bathrooms space.‎ Magical play on the reflecting surface and ambiguity created by the perspective effect and on the relationship between geometry and dimentions.‎ The dialogue with the elements and volumes that make up bathroom enviroments Spicchio acts as a background for daily rituals.‎ A pure geometry, essential, rogorous and for this reason able to fit into different style, contexts, a segment that cab become a floor mirror when in its largest dimensions.‎

Available in different sizes: H 90 L 45, H 108 L54, H120 L60 e H 180 L 90.‎
It can be installed individually or coupled in two or more elements, with or without lighting, to create scenarious and domestic architectures in which man and his gaze become protagonist together with the materials colors and textures of the elements.‎

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H 90 x L 45 cm
H 108 x L54 cm
H120 x L60 cm
H 180 x L 90 cm

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