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aus Holzfurnier, aus pulverbeschichtetem Stahl

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More like a silhouette than a solid block, the Rope Chair is a line drawing translated into three dimensions, a simple artistic gesture rendered in space.‎ Designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, the chair is a synthesis of contrasts: sophisticated engineering and creative expression, solid structure and flexible elements, stiff tubes and pliable rope.‎ Made for marine use, the rope is at the heart of the chair’s unexpected comfort; a weight-bearing part of the construction, it allows the chair to adapt to those who use it.‎ Where other chairs dictate a specific way of sitting, the Rope Chair invites creativity in posture, encouraging dynamic movement and changes in position.‎ When the sitter rises, the chair’s frame bears the traces of the body it last supported, the imprint of a user who co-defines its shape.‎

Rope Chair is available in two versions:

Rope Chair - Black
Frame: steel, black powder coating
Seat: ash veneer, black lacquer
Back and armrests: polyester rope, black

Rope Chair - Light grey
Frame: steel, light grey powder coating
Seat: ash veneer, light grey lacquer
Back and armrests: flax rope, natural

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