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A330S "GOLDEN BELL" | Wandleuchte By Artek


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Wall Light A330S “Golden Bell” is a complement to Alvar Aalto’s popular sculptural pendant light.‎ Its perforated rim creates a memorable corona effect and prevents glare, providing a light that is both warm-toned and characteristically diffuse.‎ Affixed via a slender arm, it can be rotated through 180 degrees allowing for varying intensities of illumination.‎ Available in handspun brass, or powder-coated steel in either black or white, “Golden Bell” Wall Light is an elegant reading light next to a bed, sofa, armchair or desk or warmly illuminates a kitchen table.‎

Shade: Hand-spun brass, Hand-spun steel
Swivel arm: Bent brass tubing, Bent steel tubing
Wall mount: Dye-cast brass, Dye-cast metal
Euro plug, visible cable length 2,5 m
Cable switch placed 60 cm below wall mount.‎
220-240V, 50/ 60 Hz
DRR-.‎.‎-E27 max.‎ 12W
appliance class II, IP20
This luminaire is compatible with bulbs of the energy classes: A to G

There are four versions of this product:
Shade brass, inside white coated, swivel arm and wall mount solid brass, white cable
Shade chromed steel, inside white coated, swivel arm and wall mount chromed, white cable
Shade black steel, inside white coated, swivel arm and wall mount black, black cable
Shade white steel, inside white coated, swivel arm and wall mount white, white cable

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Kollektion Golden Bell von Artek
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