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AYANA | Tisch

Ovaler Gartentisch aus massivem Holz

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AYANA | Tisch By B&B Italia Outdoor


Ovaler Gartentisch aus massivem Holz


aus Stein, aus massivem Holz

Design Jahr

Ayana is a garden table with Serpentine stone top.‎

Technical information
solid wood
Serpentine stone
thermoplastic material
Waterproof cover cloth:
PES fabric coated on one side in PU

Minimalist and innovative, the Ayana collection becomes a new chapter in the story that connects B&B Italia to Naoto Fukasawa.‎ It sees wood as the protagonist, interpreted in an unusual way, witha pleasant oriental touch.‎ If the depths and heights are a clear reference to the south-east Asian tradition, the backrest recalls a Swedish wall bar, an exercise equipment turned into a load-bearing element.‎ Thanks to this solution, the elements of the Ayana collection can be enjoyed and appreciated at 360 degrees, discovering on each side a new elegant interplay of intersections and proportions.‎ Two and three seat sofas and the armchair have armrests at different heights.‎ The armchair armrest is higher to guarantee a more ergonomic seat.‎ The sofa armrest, which is lower, can be combined with a cushion that is easy to be fastened and removed, and helps to lie down more comfortably if necessary.‎ The upholstery of this collection stands out for the individual cushions, all covered with waterproof fabrics.‎  Ayana’s warm minimalism is completed with a chair, a dining table and a low table.‎ The dining chair recalls the stylistic features of the other seats, for a perfect family feeling, with the structure in natural teak wood and two generously padded cushions covered in fabric.‎ The table stands out for its oval top in serpentine, a typical stone of the Alps.‎ The supporting structure in natural teak appears light but is extremely robust, able to resist weather and support the heavy top.‎ Even the coffee table has a round section structure in natural teak, with a top in serpentine.‎ Its broad dimensions allow to create a pleasant convivial atmosphere in outdoor settings.‎ Ayana is a project with a green soul.‎ The teak used to make the structures is FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council) and all the materials that make up the various elements of the series, at the end of the product’s life cycle, can be separated and disposed of with respect for the environment.‎

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Kollektion Ayana von B&B Italia Outdoor
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