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Wandleuchte aus Borosilikatglas

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SOFÌ | Wandleuchte By Bonaldo


Wandleuchte aus Borosilikatglas


aus Borosilikatglas

Sofì is a borosilicate glass wall lamp.‎

From its very name, Sofì pays homage to the age-old and prized hand glassblowing technique.‎ Its primary shape, the borosilicate glass globe with a warm amber finish, is combined with a burnished brass cylinder which contains the light source and brings to mind the image of master glass-blowers who, in their Venetian workshops, use their long blowpipes to craft the incandescent molten glass with skill.‎ The collection consists of multiple models: the ceiling lamp with a metal frame with 7 or 10 globes, the suspension with 1, 5 or 7 globes, the floor lamp, two versions of the table lamp (lower without a glass globe and higher with a glass globe) and the wall lamp, distinguished by the double direction of the light flux.‎

Light Source:
220-230 V included / 110 V excluded
Led Spot
3 W (30 W)
2.‎700 °K
357 lm
80 CRI
A ++

Kollektion Sofì von Bonaldo
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