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Ceadesign ARC 03

Decken- Raumventilator

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ARC 03


Decken- Raumventilator

Design Jahr
ARC 03

Furnishing items for ventilation and air destratification.‎ ‎ They help heating and cooling systems, and their blades are a tool that improves room air quality for natural well-being.‎ ‎ Reduced consumption, high performance and flexible applications are some of their main features.‎ ‎ A dedicated engine is combined with a three-speed electronic control unit.‎ ‎
Made of wood and steel, ARIACHIARA combines air destratification with many new functions: sanitization, ionization, lighting and music.‎ Purifying the air through an ozonation system means eliminating bacteria and odors from the environment, thus making the air you breathe clean and sparkling at all times.‎ Ideal in environments of sociability, ARIACHIARA has been created to fulfil also the function of diffused and at the same time suffused light, almost a courtesy light, to support the precise lighting of rooms.‎ It is also possible to combine music - always with a background function - and light, designed to accompany every moment of relaxation.‎
Available in four different finishes, the blades are made of wood with essence of Canaletto walnut, natural oak, white or black matt painted.‎ The structure of the blades is made stable and resistant thanks to the carbon fiber.‎ The ceiling anchoring element contains control unit, engine and technology, and it is made entirely of AISI 316L stainless steel with satin and polished finishes.‎ Design Natalino Malasorti.‎

- 3 blades in carbon fibre and wood available in 4 different finishes:
• Canaletto walnut
• Natural oak
• White matt painted
• Black matt painted
- Anchor element in stainless steel AISI 316L
- Motor with 3 speeds regulation
- Ionization and ozonation system technology
- Led lighting at 4000 Kelvin
- Loudspeaker of 10 Watt for Bluetooth connection

ARC 03 - Ceiling fan in stainless steel AISI 316L, with wood and carbon fiber blades, natural wood essence or painted.‎ Integrated LED lighting, loudspeaker for Bluetooth connection and ionization/ozonation system technology.‎

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Ø 210 cm

Kollektion ARIACHIARA von Ceadesign
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