DVELAS VAURIEN Gartenbett aus nautischen Polyester mit Sonnenschirm




Gartenbett aus nautischen Polyester mit Sonnenschirm

Vaurien in French means a rogue, a rascal, a villain, a lout.‎.‎.‎ In navigation it is a small craft that is very easy to sail; it is a very tactical boat on which many great sailors have cut their teeth.‎
The small sails of these boats inspired the idea of an easy chair that protects you from the sun and the wind by the curve of the sail’s surface.‎ Its shape is achieved by mounting the fabrics on a structure of fibreglass battens.‎ An inner air chamber makes it float.‎

All Dvleas products are made with recycled boat sail pieces.‎ The color of the product depends on the color of the sail available at the time of production.‎ Each product is unique and different from all the others and may not correspond to the one shown in the photo.‎

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79 x 53,54 x 35 in // 200 x 136 x 90 cm
Bim und Cad
Materials & Textures
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