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Foster FINALMENTE | Garten Gas- Outdoorküche

Garten Gas- Outdoorküche aus Edelstahl

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FINALMENTE | Garten Gas- Outdoorküche


Garten Gas- Outdoorküche aus Edelstahl


aus Edelstahl

Design Jahr
7555 001

FINALLY, I CAN COOK OUTDOOR … EVEN AT THE SEASIDE | Finalmente does not fear the weather! It is made in AISI316 stainless steel, perfect for aggressive environments, as those rich in chlorine, or saltiness

A KITCHEN FOR THE HAPPY MOMENTS… NOT ONLY AT HOME | Finalmente finds its place everywhere there is relax, partying and fun: in the garden, in a cosy B&B, or at an elegant evening party.‎

ALL-AROUND AND PERFORMING, ON ALL OCCASIONS | Finalmente has many faces: one can choose to cook with gas, in duction or BBQ, and to customise the cooking space according to wish.‎

A SUPER-ACCESSORISED WASHING SPACE | The ample Milano sink offers practicality and comfort in every situation, thanks to its sliding accessories’ system.‎ The large tap area accommodates a mixer tap with extractible shower, a soap dispenser and an accessorised drainer.‎

A HOB FOR ALL OCCASIONS… | Gas, induction or BBQ.‎ For any kind of use, the right appliance is available, offering a ref ined design and high performance.‎

COMPLETE OF ALL COMFORTS | Drainer, bottles’ holder, socket holder, refrigerator, waste-sorting system, LED lighting with light-sensitive control, are only a part of the rich endowment of accessories of Finalmente

ET VOILÀ, READY TO PARTY | Being on wheels and easy to close, Finalmente can be moved without effort.‎ A few gestures, and it is ready to play its protagonist’s role where need be.‎

…JUST A MOMENT AND EVERYTHING IS IN ITS PLACE | A design kitchen which hides in an instant the after-party mess.‎ And thanks to the specific protection cover, it will look perfect on each occasion.‎

Outdoor kitchen in AISI316 stainless steel

Worktop in AISI316 stainless steel with integrated:
• Gas hob (3 burners in-line) model Foster Milanello
• Welded Foster Milano bowl, 462x400 mm, 200 mm deep
• Mixer tap Foster Twix Plus with extractible shower
• Foster Quadra soap dispenser
• Equipped channel with dishes’/glasses’ holder, collapsible socket holder (socket 230V 16A IP66, with flush integration and lid)
• 2 round containers of different depth (for cutlery and bottles)

Front cabinet equipment
• Under-mount refrigerator, class A+++, 39 litres
• Waste-sorting system (4 containers) on telescopic guides
• Compartment with door, extractible drawer for cutlery and stainless steel working shelf.‎

Other equipment
• Two openable side shelves (730x500 mm) to lengthen the worktop
• AISI316 stainless steel lid with anti-closing safety system
• Adhesive blackboard
• Waterproof PVC sheet (650 gr/m2) with rings and elastic fixing rope
• 4 lockable wheels for movement, 2 adjustable feet for stabilisation


• 3 LED lights (normal lighting and with movement/light sensor), with rechargeable battery and USB connection

Lockable back compartment containing:
• Electrical cabinet IP66, 32A, with Universal Schuko socket, 230V, 16A
• Electrical mono-phase plug for wall connection, 230V 32A, IP66, for the electrical connection of the kitchen
• Gas connection
• Hot/cold water connection

Weitere Informationen des Herstellers über FINALMENTE | Garten Gas- Outdoorküche
L. 1850 x D. 780 x H. 1150 mm (closed)
L. 3270 x D. 780 x H. 1780 mm (open)

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