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Gaggenau CX 492 110 | Induktionskochfeld

Einbau- Induktionskochfeld aus Glaskeramik

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CX 492 110 | Induktionskochfeld


Einbau- Induktionskochfeld aus Glaskeramik


aus Glaskeramik

Design Jahr

C X 492 100 | Full surface induction cooktop
- One single big cooking surface
- Free positioning of cookware
- All sizes and formats of cookware can be used
- TFT touch display for an intuitive control of all functions
- Cooking sensor function for temperature control in pots
- Professional cooking functions
- Max.‎ power output for big cookware of up to 5.‎ 5 kW
- Frameless for flush mounting

Cooking zones
One unique cooking surface of 3200 cm².‎
Up to 6 items of cookware can be placed simultaneously on the cooktop.‎

Easy to use colour graphic TFT touch display with use indications.‎
Electronic power control in 17 output levels.‎


Cooking sensor function.‎
Professional cooking function.‎
Dynamic cooking function.‎
Teppan Yaki function.‎
Booster function for pots.‎
Booster function for pans.‎
Keep warm function.‎
Individual pot detection.‎
Cooking timer for each cooking position.‎
Short-term timer.‎
Information key with use indicators.‎
Power management.‎
Cooktop-based ventilation control (with suitable hood).‎

Home network integration for digital services (Home Connect) wireless via WiFi.‎
The use of the Home Connect functionality depends on the Home Connect services, which are not available in every country.‎ For further information please check: home-connect.‎ com.‎

Main switch.‎
Residual heat indication.‎
Child lock.‎
Safety shut-off.‎
Pause function.‎

Planning notes
Operates with magnetic (induction) iron pots and pans only.‎ For an optimal heat distribution, the use of sandwich bottom cookware is recommended.‎
The wok pan WP 400 001 cannot be used with this appliance.‎
Installation is possible in worktops made of stone, synthetics or solid wood.‎ Heat resistance and watertight sealing of the cut edges must be observed.‎ Concerning other materials please consult the worktop manufacturer.‎
The bearing capacity and stability, in the case of thin worktops in particular, must be supported using suitable substructures.‎ Take into account the appliance weight and additional loads.‎
The groove must be continuous and even, so that uniform placing of the appliance on the gasket is ensured.‎
Do not use discontinuous lining.‎
Intermediate shelf is recommended.‎
Appliance must be fixed from underneath.‎
Joint width may vary due to dimensional tolerances of the glass ceramic cooktop and the worktop cut-out.‎
Appliance weight: approx.‎ 31 kg.‎

Total connected load 7.‎ 4 kW.‎
Connecting cable 1.‎ 5 m without plug.‎

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Kollektion Series 400 von Gaggenau
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