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Tapete aus GlamFusion™ in Mauer-Optik


aus GlamFusion™

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A winter garden, suspended between nature and dreamlike landscapes, is the inspiration behind the graphics of the new Collection X dedicated to GlamFusion™, the waterproof wall-covering by Glamora.‎
Nature has always been a recurring motif in Glamora collections.‎ In the Collection X it is interpreted as an element capable of blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor.‎ Highlighting the trends that define all recent architecture and interior design projects, the collection focuses on the seamless transition between in and out, between environments inhabited by green presences and gardens dotted with trees and vines.‎
The 27 unedited graphics conceived for GlamFusion™ recreate fluid atmospheres, which range from special 3D effects of large leaves that turn into stuccoes to interplays of solids and voids, and liquid images diluted in cold tones.‎ Virtual windows that look outward and interiors full of presences, memories and green macro-prints, seduce the eye with glimpses of life, nature and colour.‎
Specially designed for wet environments - such as modern bathrooms or the wellness areas of Spas and hospitality facilities - GlamFusion™ combines its DNA with the possibility to create immersive scenarios.‎
Launched in 2018, after two years of testing and research, thanks to its revolutionary characteristics that render it able to withstand high chemical, physical and thermal stresses, GlamFusion™ is a decidedly advanced product compared to traditional coating solutions.‎
Its refined pictorial aesthetics - which recalls the effect of encaustic - and its silktouch surface make it the ideal solution for interior design projects that aim at scenographic results without renouncing to cutting-edge technical performances.‎

Like all Glamora surfaces, GlamFusion™ is also made to measure through the company’s Bespoke Design Service.‎

Weitere Informationen des Herstellers über OLYMPE
GlamFusion™ is a prefinished waterproof wallpaper, with patent pending, that needs no waterproofing treatment by the installer. A perfect combination of technical function and appearance, GlamFusion™ is the ideal covering for walls in contact with water and for damp environments. GlamFusion™ is lightweight, making it easy to carry, and is ultrathin so it can be applied on top of existing materials, avoiding demolition works, thus reducing times and costs. The enormous flexibility of the material makes it easy to handle without any risk of tearing and enables in-position trimming with a simple cutter, to adapt it with precision to corners, holes or plumbing units. The texture, soft and silky to the touch, enhances the appearance of every architectural space. Like all Glamora surfaces, GlamFusion™ is also made to measure through the company’s Bespoke Design Service.
Thickness (Spessore): 0,4 mm (0.16 in)
Roll width (Larghezza rollo): 95 cm (37.4 in)
Roll length (Lunghezza rollo): custom

Kollektion COLLECTION X GlamFusion™ von GLAMORA
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