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BALI By Infralia


Heizstrahler für den Außenbereich / Gartenofen

Freestanding and foldable infrared heater Bali
Our freestanding and foldable infrared heater Bali is a strong infrared heat emitter, which are extremely suitable for heating an open or semi-open spaces.‎ In warehouses or workshops they can also offer the solution to local strong heat.‎ Moreover, infrared heating is a very safe way of heating.‎ The heating is done by radiation, which is awakened by electricity.‎ So there is no flame, which greatly reduces the risk of fire.‎
Our electric mobile infrared heaters are designed with an eye for design.‎ No cumbersome patio heater, but a stylish powerhouse.‎ These infrared heaters not only radiate heat but are also class items on your patio.‎

The stunning contemporary slim line design and the foldable option makes the Bali heater ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces such as gardens, patios, balconies, smoking areas and garages.‎ It’s robust all metal design which is suitable for domestic and commercial use.‎

Carbon fiber heating element
5 levels of adjustable heating
Efficient and variable LED lighting
Remote control
Waterproof IP34
Ideal for indoor and outdoor use

Technical specificities:
Dimensions: 52 cm x 33 cm x 202 cm (closed)
Heating Surface: + / – 20m ²
Power: 2000 Watt – 6 Watt (2 LED lights)
Connection: 220-240 Volts – 50 Hz

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52 cm x 33 cm x 202 cm (closed)

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