MY YOUR NONVASO Blumenkasten aus Poleasy®




Blumenkasten aus Poleasy®

Not being a pot, but also being it in its essence/absence: not an intellectual dilemma, but an idea opened to endless possibilities.‎
The emptiness as a free space, free of the sadness of the matter, with an inspiring form, surreal but present, concrete and real.‎
Eureka moment to extend the perception: inside, over, through.‎ But wasn’t it a pot?


Design and technology are not the only factors that make the difference in Myyour products: also because, as far as the materials are concerned, this company, which is based in Padua, Italy, is able to fully express itself thanks to a new and special type of polyethylene called Poleasy®.‎ Poleasy® was developed after long years of research.‎ In fact our research was focused on finding a way to eliminate the microporous surfaces that are responsible for the formation of anti-aesthetic patinas or cracks over time.‎ Poleasy®, an exclusively international patent, has entirely solved this problem by ensuring compactness to the surfaces of Myyour’s creations and a better performance in terms of durability, washability and color brightness.‎

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H90 x L100 x W35 cm

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