Paola Lenti
SWING | Garten-Hängesessel aus Aluminium

2-er Garten-Hängesessel aus synthetischer Faser

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Paola Lenti

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SWING | Garten-Hängesessel aus Aluminium By Paola Lenti


2-er Garten-Hängesessel aus synthetischer Faser


aus Aluminium

Design Jahr

Swing is a suspended seat with ngloss varnished aluminium structure.‎

Seat pad: polyurethane with three dimensional polyester covering.‎
Loose cushion: padding in polyester fiber with water repellent polyester cover.‎
Seat pad and cushion upholstery: removable and available in Luz, Rope T, Brio or Thea fabric.‎
Suspension cords: stainless steel cables covered with a braid and provided with clamps and hooks for ceiling or beam hanging.‎
Notes: The supplied cords are mounted so as the seat can be hooked to standard ceilings of cm 270.‎ It is possible to specify cords in different lenghts.‎

Swing can also be hanged to a specific structure made of matt varnished stainless steel available in avorio, grafite, mora, ruggine, sottobosco, oliva or foresta colours or gloss varnished.‎ The structure is complete of base plates for the fixing to weight bearing surfaces.‎

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Kollektion Swing von Paola Lenti
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