Paola Lenti
TELAR | Gartenliege

Gartenliege aus synthetischer Faser

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Paola Lenti

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TELAR | Gartenliege By Paola Lenti


Gartenliege aus synthetischer Faser


aus Edelstahl, aus synthetischer Faser

Design Jahr

Telar is a chaise longue with fixed upholstery, directly hand woven onto the structure.‎ The series Telar also includes chairs with and without armrests, lounge chair and pouf.‎

Structure: gloss varnished stainless steel, plastic spacers.‎
Upholstery: fixed, hand woven with elastic belts of different dimensions covered with a braid in Rope yarn in solid colours or in two-colours combinations.‎
Notes:  This product can be used also in interior environments.‎
We advise to use a Winter Set protection cover.‎

Serie composed of chair with and without armrests, armchair, chaise longue and pouf.‎ The structure in made of gloss-varnished stainless steel and is covered weaving by hands elastic belts of different sizes in Rope, an exclusive yarn designed and produced by Paola Lenti for the outdoor use.‎

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Kollektion Telar von Paola Lenti
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