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OPLÀ By Saniline


Wasserdichte Badewanne mit Tür


Walk-in bathtubs for the elderly, can be installed at the corner or in the centre of the room, in acrylic material 10 mm thick, with galvanized steel frame and height adjustable feet.‎ The structure of the bathtub is made of one single piece to avoid any possible leak.‎ Equipped with large frontal door in acrylic, inward opening door, tightness is ensured by a practical, safe and strong mechanism: the lever is in stainless steel and rounded shape, fixed to the chassis in an area provided with reinforcement.‎ The above said lever acting on a wedge fixed to the door squeezes the seal on the door producing a perfect water tightness.‎ The trapezoidal shape of the door allows a much easier entry and greater comfort in the process of closing / opening.‎ The bathtubs are equipped with removable panels.‎ Frame is equipped with nr.‎6 height adjustable feet allowing the balancing of the bathtub and ensure the necessary recirculation of air, thus ensuring it a long lasting life.‎
The height of the step is 200 mm from the bottom edge of the panels.‎ All the accessories are mounted on plates or reinforcements to prevent possible damages to the bathtub due to wear.‎
We have different kind of bathtubs: VS003 OPLA’ (size mm1700x750x915), VS004 AMICA (size mm1290x750x915), VS005 IDEA (size mm1100x750x950) - offering a wide range of choice according to the user’s needs and space
All our bathtubs complete with faucets feature an anti-scald device for shower head, V-45°, patented by Thermomat: if the water temperature exceeds 45C °, instantly and automatically it will be locked thus avoiding accidental burns.‎ To restore it just close the tap, wait a few seconds and then reopen it.‎

Walk-in bathtub “OPLA’”, in acrylic with side door.‎ The bathtubs door opens towards the inside.‎ Removable panel for inspection.‎ Adjustable feet.‎

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