VASCO BEAMS MONO Wandmontierter Dekorativer Heizkörper aus Aluminium

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Wandmontierter Dekorativer Heizkörper aus Aluminium




Architectural space is the model for this innovative, multiple award-winning, radiator concept—the Vasco Beams.‎ Beam-shaped volumes together form a robust whole, in beautiful balance with the geometric architecture in the living space.‎ The structural accessories offer the possibility to lay the desired accents yourself.‎ Two water channels per element ensure high output and, as a bonus, optimal energy efficiency.‎ In 2014, the Vasco Beams won the renowned Reddot Design Award.‎

This aluminium designer radiator combines all the benefits of electric heating with purity of design - a real must-have for those who love a minimalist look! During the development process of the Beams Mono-EL, the Vasco designers had to pull out all the stops to be able to integrate an electrical resistance in the sleek vertical profiles (width 150 mm).‎ The profiles were fitted with additional fins to increase the heat output.‎ There’s also a cover panel at the back, in the same colour as the front, which houses the electrical resistance.‎ As a result, the radiator can be heated to a temperature of 80°C to 85°C - obviously with the option of automatically regulating the surface temperature according to your needs.‎

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W: 150 mm
H: 1.800 mm / 2.000 mm / 2.200 mm

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