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Landschaft- Tapete fürs Badezimmer


aus Vinyl, aus Vliesstoff

Design Jahr

The leitmotif of the new WET SYSTEM 2019 collection - a patented technical coating by Wall&decò for waterproofing and decorating shower walls and humid interiors - is the search for unprecedented tonalities in perfect harmony, which converge as a coherent and balanced whole.‎ Now, the wallpaper for bathroom interiors is immersed in constant light which culminates in a nonlight, an anti-matter consisting of air.‎ It permeates objects and interiors, rendering them colourless, on the grey scale.‎ Resulting tonalities are nothing more than the mirror of the surrounding environment, or symbolising detachment and self protection, in a skilfully dosed colour balance and an effort to generate calm and meditative interiors.‎ The palette of colours is filtered through an alternation of profoundly material and consistent textures, cross-contaminated and transformed into a new concept of rainbow.‎ Colour combinations are exclusive: powdery purples and dark red enter interiors and denote them, despite being enriched by a translucent effect which limits them, enables their perfect harmony and prevents them from becoming overbearing.‎

WET SYSTEM, patented at international level, is a real system made of different components (primer, specific glue, technical printed fabric and protective finishes) that successfully meets its main purpose, a high decorative value, as well as boasting a wide range of technical properties - resistance to water, dampness, yellowing, abrasion and harsh house cleaning products.‎

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Kollektion WET SYSTEM 19 von Wall&decò
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