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Spezzano di Fiorano / Italy

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Atlas Plan is the brand that specialises in the creation of large-size ceramic slabs. The places we live in constantly remind us of who we are, what we love, and why. Every surface is a continuous reminder of stories, memories, gestures, gatherings and inspirations, to touch, see and feel. Atlas Plan creates resistant, compact, unalterable, precious and versatile surfaces that are as pure as the truest, deepest and most authentic materials or components. Atlas Plan perfectly reproduces the excellence and richness of colors and textures, along with the veining and shading of marble, natural stone and the most innovative designer materials, to create alluring atmospheres/environments. A unique, seamless material that remains unchanged over time, suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces and ideal for surfaces that require optimum hygiene, durability and aesthetic harmony. Offering superb freedom to mix and match, Atlas Plan surfaces create Habitats with unique style and elegance.

Four big sizes for all architectural and design solutions

The technical performance of porcelain stoneware plus the most sophisticated design come together in these large-size slabs, creating a seamless and harmonious perception of surfaces and spaces.The wide choice of sizes and thicknesses allows coordinated use in projects ranging from residential spaces: kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, to commercial settings: hotels, hospitality, offices, shops, swimming pools & spas. The 162x324 cm size is non-rectified, has a single pattern and is intended for creating furnishing elements for indoor spaces such as countertops for bathrooms and kitchens, backsplashes, vanity countertops and integrated washbasins, worktops, tabletops and desktops, counters, and for outdoor solutions such as façades. Sizes 120x240 cm, 120x278 cm, 160x320 cm are rectified and feature extensive graphic variability. They lend themselves to use in indoor spaces for flooring, wall coverings or furnishing elements, and to outdoor solutions such as façades.
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