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3A Composites is a Swiss company specialising in the design, production and marketing of composite panels for the building industry. The company's heart is its Technical Centre. This modern hub has laboratories where materials are studied, produced and tested, and an auditorium where new solutions are presented and training courses held. Thanks to its approach, 3A Composites is one of the world's leading companies in terms of innovation and quality. The company has several prestigious projects to its credit, among which the Porsche dealership in Dortmund, the BFC Arena in Freiburg, the new Bauhaus in Berlin and the Comed House in Vienna. Such complex projects require high-performance materials in terms of safety, sustainability, and aesthetic quality. 3A Composites panels are patented and guaranteed for weather resistance, durability and minimal maintenance. ALUCOBOND® Facademaker and ALUCOBOND® Designmaker software offer designers valuable CAD compatible design tools.

3A Composites exterior walls and facades. Versatile and state-of-the-art systems

The hallmark of the 3A Composites catalogue is the ALUCOBOND® panel, developed in 1969 and continually improved with emerging technological developments. The sandwich, composed of two external aluminium sheets, encloses a core of mineral substances with fireproof and insulating properties. The product’s ductility and various decorative possibilities allow for the creation of complex and original facades and roofs. The ALUCOBOND® line has grown with the addition of ALUCOBOND® Plus and ALUCOBOND® A2 panels that come in a wide variety of finishes, from 15 solid colours to 11 metallics. The ALUCOBOND® Spectra finish is characterised by shimmering and iridescent paints, available in 6 shades. The ALUCOBOND® Sparkling finish also features shimmering, iridescent effects, while the ALUCOBOND® Natural series uses the reflections of 10 metallic finishes to create striking results. The matt and satin-finished metals reveal their beauty in ALUCOBOND® Anodized Look finishes, panels that, unlike anodised surfaces, can be bent and folded without problems, thanks to a unique coating system. ALUCOBOND® Terra, with its velvety effect reminiscent of natural stone, and ALUCOBOND® Vintage, with its concrete and patinated metal surfaces, are up-to-date and trendy. ALUCOBOND® Urban offers 5 opaque colours for use in urban contexts, while ALUCOBOND® Legno (Wood) offers wood-look facades thanks to the latest digital printing techniques, which reproduce 6 precious woods. Finally, ALUCOBOND® Design offers 26 graphic and textured surfaces or, alternatively, allows the creation of customised panels. The catalogue also includes ALUCORE® panels with an aluminium honeycomb structure. The unique production process makes these panels more elastic and lighter than classic honeycomb panels; it is possible to obtain pieces up to 9 metres in length for multiple applications. ALUCORE® panels are also suitable for indoor wall and ceiling cladding. ... More ... less

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