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Founded in 1902 in Two Harbors, Minnesota, 3M is a company specializing in the production of adhesive films and coatings for the building industry. The lucky trend of 3M begins with the exploitation of a corundum mine, an aluminum oxide belonging to the group of hematites, by five businessmen. The first product produced and marketed is an abrasive paper, followed by adhesives, masking tapes and insulating tapes for the management of electrical cables. Today, 3M, with more than 105,000 registered patents, has offices and factories all over the world, and offers innovative solutions in a wide range of sectors, including construction, graphics, design and consumerism. Among the most well-known household products are Scotch® adhesive tape, Post-it® adhesive sheets, and abrasive paper sheets. The 3M Italia division has a consolidated presence for more than sixty years, with two offices, one in Pioltello and one in Rome in Palazzo Odescalchi, a distribution center, two production units, an Innovation Center and six Customer Technical Center. The 3M design division collaborates with designers, architects, creatives and professionals to create innovative, high-quality products for the construction and design sectors.

3M interior linings and window films

The 3M product catalogue includes a wide selection of interior linings and window films, which allow you to customize your rooms at a relatively low cost. The DI-NOC™ collection of laminate coverings for interiors offers the possibility of renovating walls, objects and furniture quickly and easily, without the need for expensive and demanding work. The wide choice of finishes, which are declined in 40 families of colors and textures, from wood to brushed metals, from leather to natural stone, allows intervention in any environment and style. The 3M™ window solutions are diverse and meet requirements related to interior and facade decoration, signage and safety. The adhesive coatings 3M™ DI-NOC™ Glass represent the evolution of the collection of laminates for walls, which thanks to a special adhesive applied on the decorated side, can be perfectly adhered to the glasses, giving a particular brightness and depth to the material textures. The choice varies between 20 finishes of wood, metals, fabrics, stones and the elegant absolute white and absolute black. The 3M™ Fasara™ family includes several decorative coatings for polyester glass, available in 100 finishes with geometric motifs, lines and stitches and shades, made of embossed, smooth or glossy, in white or in different color variants. 3M™ Dichroic films create changing effects thanks to a special optical filter, with intense and fluorescent colors, perfect for offices with a pop mood, commercial spaces and exhibitors. 3M™ Scotchshield™ window films are safety films, which can hold glass fragments and splinters together in case of breakage. The catalogue also offers practical and versatile solutions for converting walls and partitions into whiteboards of any size. Blackboard DI-NOC PS-AR reproduces on any surface the appearance of a traditional slate board, on which you can write with erasable liquid plaster markers. 3M Whiteboard is a magnetic panel that can be easily installed and removed on any smooth metal surface. WH-111G Polished White is a very thin polyester adhesive film to be applied to the glasses to create an evocative transparent board. 3M adhesive office boards can be used in a wide range of applications: office meeting rooms, universities, nursery schools and sales outlets.

3M solutions for architecture and construction

3M claddings can be used to modernize and renovate the interior and exterior of a building. Thanks to the various possible effects, with 3M claddings a building will look new at a lower price. DI-NOC™ Exterior is an adhesive specifically designed to be applied on curtain walls. Characterized by a high resistance to atmospheric agents, it is available in 24 material finishes such as metal, wood, stone, has a guaranteed duration of 10 years and allows you to upgrade the exterior of any building. 3M offers many solutions for the thermal control of rooms, thanks to the adhesive films for solar control windows. Traditional Solar series includes a range of adhesive films that have the property of reflecting the sun's rays. More advanced is the 3M Daylight Redirecting Film line, born from an innovative technology that allows sunlight to illuminate the interiors, protecting them at the same time from direct rays and glow. The micro-prisms drowned in the adhesive film redirect the light to the top, so that it spreads more evenly. The 3M™ Thinsulate™ Climate Control 75 window adhesive film combines sun protection and winter thermal insulation thanks to its high reflection coefficient and high thermal insulation performance. Perfectly transparent, does not alter the appearance of the glasses and therefore can also be used in residential. Perfect for high-density passages, the Nomad™ Optima technical doormat offers several advantages, including safety, being non-slip, easy cleaning and aesthetic elegance. ... More ... less

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