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“Instauratio facienda ab imis fundamentis”. This expression was used by the philosopher Francis Bacon to indicate the need for the radical renovation of an institute or lifestyle: renovation should be conducted from the deepest foundations. Hence the abbreviated form “ab imis”.
The foundations of Abimis stainless steel kitchens are represented by Prisma, a brand Made in Italy which has specialised over more than thirty years in the manufacturing of custom products: professional and self service kitchens and bar counters.
Like a tradition handed down from father to son, Prisma conveyed a passion for excellence in the kitchen to Abimis. For Abimis, the main objective is to offer functional and unconventional solutions, so as to guarantee maximum space for the talent of the individual set to use the kitchen for his or her profession. Every Prisma professional kitchen is made according to a specific design, paying particular attention to every single aspect: shape, design, materials, practicality, hygiene and safety. Attention to detail can be seen in the precision workmanship, which leads to the creation of solutions created to professional standards.
Stainless steel professional kitchens by Prisma wisely combine design with technological innovation. All Prisma products are conceived with a capacity recognised all over the globe. The superior quality standards of Prisma professional kitchens have enabled the company to become a prime Italian partner for major brands and international design studios, not only on land, but also in the naval industry. The result is an innovative product, capable of conveying Made in Italy excellence combined with the impeccable hygiene of stainless steel. A cooking machine, capable of accommodating the needs and desires of great Chefs.

The professional-grade kitchen in the comfort of your home

In this eternal battle between industry and craft, there are brands such as Abimis, who have managed to create a balance between these two worlds. Abimis produces kitchens, and it is a company that offers all-round services, both industrial and craft-based, devised to satisfy not only the end users, but all those involved in the process, whether designers, architects and craftsmen who also need to work with the kitchen.
The courage and audacity of Abimis stainless steel kitchens can be found in the reinterpretation of Prisma’s professional-grade kitchen: the product can be entirely customised and conceived for domestic settings. The profound knowledge of the professional catering and restaurant world is combined with expertise in interior design in a functional kitchen design, which values steel along with any other material.

“We are going back to the beginning, to the domestic hearth.”

The origin of the Abimis stainless steel kitchen means specifically this: a return to the roots, to the essential function, not an adjustment but starting again with a clean slate. With Abimis products, we witness the genuine creation of a kitchen that never was: top-quality professional products for domestic use. ... More ... less

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