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The Abimis mission is to bring the quality of the professional kitchen into the home. Part of the Prisma group, a Veneto-based company that manufactures professional stainless steel kitchens, Abimis targets a careful and demanding public who cook for passion and fun and want restaurant-grade tools in their homes. While remaining faithful to the crafts tradition, the brand offers tailor-made and customizable products that are the convincing synthesis of the professional and non-professional worlds. Abimis is guided by some basic principles, particularly the idea that stainless steel kitchens can revive the concept of the domestic hearth, a place where the family can be together after a long day. This is the company's starting point for reinterpreting the professional kitchen. Thanks to the group's vast experience with steel, Abimis offers products that can satisfy a broad public with kitchens and accessories for the home, outdoor use, and yachts.
All Abimis products use AISI 304 steel, a noble material that is recyclable, resistant, durable, easy to clean, and hygienic. The treatment and transformation of steel - from cutting to welding and assembly – is performed at the company's factories. Over more than 30 years of know-how allows Abimis to offer completely customized products. At Abimis, the concept of mass-produced kitchens is superseded by a vision of craftsmanship in which every process is carried out with rigor, combining aesthetics, design, and innovation. As a result, the separately-produced steel modules are assembled according to each client's specific requests so that they can obtain the exact kitchen, barbecue, or accessory required. Each Abimis piece is unique and unrepeatable, the result of painstaking invention by industrial designers, technicians, architects, and interior designers.

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Thanks to its long-standing experience in the restaurant world, Abimis designs and manufactures stainless steel kitchens. While the company's primary goal is to provide private individuals with high-end, professionally-derived models, the company also supplies the contract sector. Abimis has conceived a new kind of kitchen, based on the very origins and deepest foundations of that domestic space. The brand name reflects this philosophy, reinterpreting the Latin expression "ad imis (fundamenta)," meaning from the deepest foundations.
The Ego collection offers made-to-order solutions in stainless and mirror-polished steel that are efficient and aesthetically valid. Its apparently primitive squared forms are the results of a delicate conceptual effort of subtraction. The use of flush doors and hinges results in modern, clear, and clean lines. The Atelier line bears testimony to the exceptional versatility of Abimis products with alternatives for indoor and outdoor use. Presented at the 2018 Salone del Mobile, Atelier brings all the functionality and quality of indoor models outside. Removable doors and drawers allow for optimal storage of dishes and accessories. Its made-to-order structure can accommodate such appliances as fryers, grills, and griddles, depending on customer needs.
All Abimis kitchens are fully customizable with meticulous details that make them unique. Ego hinges allow flush doors; internal shelves are fully removable; the recessed baseboard can be customized in height; worktops are reinforced with aluminum honeycomb panels to ensure maximum strength. Cold rooms have sophisticated control systems, and refrigerated waste receptacles can be installed to ensure maximum hygiene in all kitchen spaces. Brass knobs and handles complete customization and help improve the funcionality of indoor and outdoor kitchens to provide a great user experience. To complete the line of kitchens, Abimis offers a collection of accessories, including drawer dividers, carafes, cutting boards, shelves, and food containers. ... More ... less

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