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About Office is the office furniture brand of MOBILPREF SpA group, which in turn was established in 1982 as producer of components for the furniture sector. The experience gained through decades of activity, let the company develop brands for different furniture sectors, from office's to contract supply. This is how in 2008 About Office came to be. Thanks to a highly professional structure, agile and strong, able to cope with the new needs of office furniture business. Productivity, advanced tecnologies, flexibility, quality, competitive prices, design and research, customer care are the main features of About Office that made it enter the office furniture market. Visual impact, functionality and good value for money are all characteristics of About Office products. This is because all products are developed in partnership with architectural firms and established designers who are completely attuned to company requirements and strive to find innovative and original solutions every time.

Materials and finishes

A comprehensive range of shapes and style combos.
Different materials on which it is possible to apply identical surface finishes in order to create a pleasant effect of harmony, continuity and refinement. About Office offers a wide range of finishes of melamine essences, veneer, matt lacquered and polished, finishes for metal and aluminium, transparent glasses, polished and matt painted, as well as fabric and leather covers. Available also a vast choice of a total of 225 RAL colours for the lacquering of every single element and applicable on each material: wood, metal, aluminium, glass. By choosing About Office furniture collections you are able to create a custom made office that reflects your own taste and needs.

About Office services

Accuracy, real-time updates based on warehouse stock levels and a curated service allow us to deliver quickly and reliably, meeting the requirements of the most demanding customers. All the products defined as “standard price list” are available for immediate delivery, so orders are processed extremely quickly and our partners ensure a punctual service. About Office can also provide custom solutions by express courier and relies on an extensive network of strategically situated local correspondents. Besides About Office provides commercial, technical, interior design and graphic advise support to assist the clients on every need. Through Pcon Planner, made available also for clients, About Office records a fast and exstremely precise estimating process. Pcon Planner is a 3D software for interior design, developed for industry professionals such as architects, designers, but also for retail partners that want to propose fast and precise projects.


About Office | Mobilpref SpA uses exclusively panels of selected wood particles marked by the FSC® brand (FSC mix credit): an industrial product made of wood material from well-managed forests, controlled sources, recycled materials or all of these factors, avoiding the uncontrolled exploitation of forests. The raw material recovery process takes place through an accurate control of the incoming material, with the elimination of impurities, which in turn are sent for recovery or disposed of according to the law. For these products, E1 standards for the formaldehyde content are respected (according to UNI EN 12460-3 and Ministerial Decree of 10/10/2008) and the manufacturing process takes place in compliance with the environmental standards in force. The About Office | Mobilpref SpA also boasts the ISO 9001 certification, relating to the Quality Management System, and ISO 14001 certification, relating to the Environmental Management System. Industrial philosophy enhances the aesthetic vision and is solidly oriented towards a higher level of comfort, ergonomics and hygiene in the workplace. All collections are subject to quality control by the competent bodies with related certifications. ... More ... less

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