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Two companies joined by a passion for design faucets: the alliance between Boffi and Fantini gave birth to Aboutwater, an Italian company dedicated to the production and marketing of overhead showers, bathroom taps and kitchen faucets. A brand that stands for high-quality products based on the role of water, a real raw material from which projects, ideas and innovative visions take shape. Creations in which constructive precision meets modernity, without forgetting the necessary functionality. A winning combination that has succeeded in conquering the markets.

Aboutwater Faucets and Shower Heads

Aboutwater offers collections using solid and durable materials. Polished chromium-plated brass and stainless steel are the hallmarks of the AF/21 collection, which was made in collaboration with Naoto Fukasawa. This range of wash basin mixers and tub sets expresses to the maximum all the creativity of the Japanese designer, for a range of pure, clean lines of faucets, where the quality of the raw material is exalted to the best. Geometric shapes and squared figures thus take possession of the bathroom area, bringing a sense of order and elegant simplicity. AL/23, a collection signed by Piero Lissoni, also takes up the fundamental theme of essentiality. The use of polished and varnished chromate gives the products of this collection an elegant appearance, but never visible or superfluous.
With AA/27, however, Aboutwater chooses to amaze, and relies on Michael Anastassiades to create a collection of mixers based on the contrast between handle and mouth, apparently separated but actually joined by a third cylindrical element. This kind of spatial distortion surprises and fascinates. The mouth, not resting on the piano, creates a real optical illusion, and makes its own timeless charm of satin-finished stainless steel. It is always the extremization of ideas and shapes that leads the brand to propose AK/25, a collection designed in collaboration with Paik Sun Kim. The South Korean designer’s world, between oriental and modern aesthetics, finds its place in this range of products, which includes bath sets, thermostatic mixers and sink faucets. The main topics are the purity of lines and volumes, the search for unprecedented solutions that goes hand in hand with ease of use. The use of Matt Gun Metal PVD gives the products of this collection an immediately recognizable appearance.

Aboutwater, stylish and sustainable faucets and mixers

Aboutwater’s business operation is based on certain precepts concerning not only the role of design, but also the social responsibility of the company. The company’s creations, in fact, are produced in a sustainable way, using methods that aim to protect the environment and create sustainable products. The use of brushed stainless steel, present in the mixers and blowers of the AF/21 line, testify to the brand’s desire to offer functional and environmentally friendly solutions. It is the role of water as a raw material that exemplifies Aboutwater’s commitment to sustainability. Attention to the production processes, however, goes hand in hand with the firm intention of wanting to preserve the company’s artisanal origins. Active on the international markets but always linked to the Italian tradition of design, the company is able to take on global and local importance. This is ultimately Aboutwater's true competitive advantage.
The story of Aboutwater is based on the meeting between two companies that carry the banner of Made in Italy design: Boffi and Fantini. Boffi, a brand linked to the bathroom and kitchen furniture sector, since the 90s of the last centuries is a reality entirely devoted to innovation, with technologically advanced and aesthetically refined products. The approach to the markets, without fears and with the desire to amaze, quickly leads the company to a prominent position. At the same time, Fantini continues its research work in the taps and fittings sector, with the creation of examples that international markets immediately show they appreciate. With its invaluable know-how, the business has developed its own identity over time, immediately recognizable. The history of Boffi and Fantini, the ideals of the two companies and the passion for taps and fittings, have led over time to an alliance that culminated with the birth of Aboutwater. A brand based on the idea of faucets not only as an element of a practical function, but also as a carrier of messages, styles and original designs. ... More ... less

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