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The swedish company Abstracta is manufacturing office furniture and furniture for public facilities. It is focused on innovative products for visual communication and interior design: acoustics, storage units, and office furniture.
Since the 1990s Abstracta is constantely growing. Numerous collaborations with the the major enterprises of interior design and leading retailers in Sweden and abroad have contributed in consolidating its position on the international market.
Abstracta, attentive to the latest developments, is also collaborating with internationally renowed architects and designers.
Today the company exports its products and solutions for interior design to over 30 countries worldwide and is proud to refurnish numerous public institutions, banks, research centers, lawyer's offices, hotels, conference facilities, resorts, from small businesses to major corporations.
Abstracta is steadily attentive to customer wishes and trying to reduce the environmental impact of conventional production methods. The company is certified ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001. ... More ... less



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