Acquario Due

Rovolon / Italy

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Acquario Due was founded in 1986 by Federico Zancanella, after he ruled FAC (Federico Arte Ceramica), from 1981 to 1985. Acquario Due is one of the Italian most qualified manufacturers in the field of artistic ceramic and lava stone tiles. What distinguishes Acquario Due offer and makes it an excellence is the glazed lava stone and its ceramics for floors and coverings, focused on the luxury and prestige market. These specific production choices are the result of a 30 years’ experience, still pursued processing the ceramic with artistic/artisanal techniques. The rediscovering and the development of the traditional art of Italian ceramic on different surfaces, under the sign of Acquario Due style, is our mission. Inspired by the colors of the painters, by the Venetian fabrics and by the Palladian architectures, our collections and our compositions are the ideal solutions to create original, long-lasting settings. ... More ... less



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