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Actiu is specialized in designing and producing furniture for working spaces and contract and is present in more than 96 countries all over the five continents. We are moved by values like architecture, our roots to our territory, the innovation and development, sustainability and on top of all, the persons and their wellbeing. Actiu is a family owned company of first generation, professionalized and vanguard with the aim to guarantee the wellbeing of the users and the durability of its products, which combine design, quality and innovation.

Much more than just office furniture

Products manufactured by Actiu are distributed worldwide and have been awarded by the most recognized industrial design awards, such as the Red Dot, the Delta Awards or the If Design, among others. In addition, Actiu is a company distinguished by the US Green Building Council certified LEED® Platinum for its commitment with the sustainability and with the responsible construction with the environment, thanks to its Technological Park, an industrial and sustainable place able to take advantage of its energy and natural resources. We contribute to improve the well-being of our users with pieces of furniture designed by and for people.
Noom has been created to humanize spaces, with a friendly, elegant and differentiated design. It is designed to promote communication and transmit well-being, indispensable in everyday life. Noom fits into very different environments and moments, thanks to its high customisation capacity. TRIM, the new work chair from Actiu, designed by Alegre Design, was created to take care of people, enhancing their wellbeing and providing high performance support.
Talent is a collective, mobile, foldable, stackable and raiseable table system, that offers great versatility to multi-use spaces. It also provides an ergonomic improvement, as its height adjustment system does not need an electrical connection.

Cool Working by Actiu

The new labour paradigm, derived from the digital transformation, is introducing important changes in the profiles of workers and jobs to be carried out by people in their work environment. At Actiu, we believe that we have the opportunity to turn workspaces into strategic levers of change, so that organizations can align their transformation challenges with the wellbeing and satisfaction needs of their workers.
Cool Working by Actiu is a process of analysis and advising that identifies the needs of the client and offers the most optimal solution while considering the space, the work style being carried out in it, the aesthetics and of course, the functionality of the product that is going to be implemented. With this methodology, developed together with the Biomechanics Institute of Valencia, we are able to create spaces focused on a satisfactory user experience to boost worker productivity and creativity, increase their commitment, customer loyalty and, mainly, increase the well-being.
A high-performance space, in the workplace, is an environment that eases worker’s productivity through their physical and emotional well-being. Our knowledge on productivity in the office environment, built up over fifty years, together with the continued analysis of scientific and informative studies published at the international stage, have showed us the path to design high-performance spaces built around three axes.

Corporate projects

With 50 years’ experience in the distribution of workstations for public spaces and offices, Actiu is a well-known company specialized in furniture design and manufacture, created exclusively to provide comfort at workplaces. With a worldwide infrastructure net, high product design and a solid compromise with each market requirements, Actiu guarantees seriousness and confidence to develop projects in different areas, such as institutional, health, education or even public spaces such as airports, auditoriums or libraries. A model for other companies of the same sector, not only because of its successes but also in the way of achieving them. All processes are own production, starting from the wood machining, metal or die-stamping, till finish applications. ... More ... less

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