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Rethinking furniture to create more welcoming and productive work environments. This is the mission of Actiu, which produces and markets office furniture, contract furniture and other furnishing solutions. An original and creative entrepreneurial experience based in the Actiu Technology Park, the technology park created by architect José María Tomás LLavador in the municipality of Castalla, Spain. It is from here that the company's creations reach international markets, strengthened by their unique character. Not just simple office desks and workstations, then, but tools to give new impetus to your professionalism, and achieve new goals. Strongly integrated into the territory of Castalla, located halfway between Valencia and Alicante, the activity is always true to its vision, according to which the office spaces must be enriched with practicality and refinement, flexibility and ability to meet the different needs of modern working environments. This goes hand in hand with increasing environmental sensitivity. Sustainability has led Actiu to receive the LEED Gold certification for the energy efficiency and environmental footprint of buildings involved in production processes.

Design and functionality in the workplace: office furniture according to Actiu

Innovation as an attitude: this simple precept is imprinted in Actiu's DNA, which presents itself on international markets with proposals for office furniture that can surprise. A production and creative philosophy that is constantly changing, constantly renewing, which revolves around the role of design, understood as a fluid, liquid element. Design synonymous with people, materials, shapes, colors, sensations and experiences. Design as the ultimate goal of a design that is the result of meticulous and constant research. Actiu aims to renew working environments by bringing functionality and elegance, and in doing so the brand never ceases its creative action. The commercial proposal of Actiu is articulated following the various needs of those who have their workplace in the office. There are numerous product categories on offer, from reception desks to desk systems, conference chairs, archive furniture and office partitions. Every Actiu product is characterized by the concept of balance, which is established in the encounter between quality materials and functionality. Office chairs, for example, are characterized by their ergonomics and the ability to adapt to the user's needs. The constant drive for innovation can also be seen in bookcases, which aim to offer useful spaces for organizing information, without neglecting design. Accessibility is seen as a way to offer optimal solutions, therefore, bringing dynamism and flexibility to even the most structured working environments. The use of reliable materials such as wood, glass, aluminum and metal gives Actiu productions a modern look and with a clear vocation to the new, the original. The modularity of the workstations and the practicality of the furniture, thus, also enhance the most sought-after design.

Actiu chairs and desks for smart workstations

Actiu’s work is continually supported by partners who share the same love for design as the Spanish company. The various creative influences make the brand’s offer particularly varied and suited to the needs of the companies. Marcelo Alegre, winner of the Red Dot Award in 2012, collaborated with Actiu to create, among others, the Arkitek, Stay and TNK A500 work chairs. In these creations, the flexibility of aluminum and the delicacy of the fabric enhance a technologically advanced structure, which adapts dynamically to the user’s weight. Javier Cuñado, in the same way, brings all his expertise in the creation of partition walls such as Link. Composed of sound absorbing material, this proposal by the native designer of Bilbao interprets best the dictates of Actiu, because of an elegant aesthetic that leaves room for practical use. The Catalan duo Ramos & Bassols, on the other hand, has collaborated with the Iberian company to create work tables, office furniture, armchairs and seats that have become part of the Longo collection. The contemporary vision of the office, the constant search for balance between form, function and aesthetics, is surprising in this area. These themes are particularly dear to Actiu and are offered with all their strength in creations that make modularity and versatility their strengths. In the wide range of Actiu creations there is also a little bit of Italy thanks to the Genoese architect Enrico Frigerio, who collaborated with the Spanish brand in the Twist collection. A review of workstations, meeting tables and office furniture that redesigns spaces and gives new functionality to professional environments that become smart, where functions are flexible and shared. ... More ... less

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