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Quinto di Treviso / Italy

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The AiLati brand was created in 2005 by Federico de Majo to focus on a new area of activity for Zafferano dedicated to interior lighting. The concept behind AiLati was to establish a specific identity for the brand concentrating on ornamental and technical features, combining refined aesthetic appeal with latest generation LED technology.

AiLati’s mission

The first step along this path saw AiLati committed to combining the use of opal glass, chosen for its exceptional performance, with lighting technology in order to produce lamps with a highly effective functional dimension. From collections almost exclusively featuring opal glass, the development of new technologies has led the Company to increasingly use new materials, such as die-cast aluminium and polycarbonate, and innovate while pursuing an experimental path, which has enabled AiLati to make products that not only stand out for their functionality but also express contemporary trends.

AiLati’s production

New materials and ground-breaking technologies are leading to a multitude of opportunities for creative interior lighting solutions. LED light sources have allowed AiLati to design solutions that ensure both high-quality lighting and uniform diffusion of light in interiors. Its research continuously focuses on quick and simple assembly and fixing systems, on using materials with a long life, on low-energy light bulbs and, last but not least, on production techniques that guarantee a high level of protection, which is not only essential in outdoor or in humid environments but also in residential areas and transit zones. In short, this allows AiLati to produce luminaires that are even more efficient, based on reducing energy consumption, increasing the lifespan and improving the quality of light while achieving a substantial reduction in operating costs, especially when large-scale lighting solutions are involved.

AiLati lamps are ideal for a host of environments: from private spaces to hospitality facilities, retail spaces and offices. Therefore, the contract-furnishing sector is a natural choice for this brand. Over the years, AiLati has been firmly committed to making its products increasingly functional and recognisable with their distinct identity. ... More ... less




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