Civita Castellana / Italy

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AISI Design is an Italian company who aries from the desire to realize a product which combine handcraft spirit with industrial process through the use of unalterable, environmentally friendly, recyclable and customizable materials to meet the needs of the interior designer Characterized by an essential design, AISI produces exclusively customized shower enclosures, using profiles and accessories in high grade thickness AISI 316 stainless steel and 8mm tempered krystals. The AISI316 stainless steel, available in polished and satin finishes, guarantees high performances from a resistance and inalterability point of view. Thanks to these features it can be suitable for all environments, including marine and nautical. The project aims to overcome the traditional concept of "model" in favor of a true components and accessories system, which can be combined in more typological and aesthetic solutions. This allows maximum compositional freedom to meet the different personalization needs. ... More ... less



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