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Silkar Mining was established in 1990 to offer its services in natural stone production and trade. Silkar is one of the few enterprises in the world, which engages in the production of marble and mosaic at the same time aiming to maintain the innovative attitude in the use of marble with a constant endeavor in this respect.

In 2016, the project that has been worked with the name “light stone panel” has completed and started to be produced as AKDOLAM. The product can be described as the panels that are made by laminating thin-natural stone products onto lightweight materials. With many tests, the product obtained various certificates. The reliability gained by these tests and the product variations for different usage areas offers a great advantage to the users.

With its 3 factories, 6 quarries and ability to produce marble and mosaics all together, Silkar distributes its materials to more than 35 countries and continues to lead the natural stone sector with its strong international network and its brand “AKDO”.

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