Ala Poujoulat

Quattro Castella / Italy

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For more than 30 years, Cheminées Poujoulat has devoted its knowledge to the improved design of chimney and flue systems for houses, apartments and industrial buildings Constantly listening to the market, our solutions are researched, tried, tested and then developed in partnership with the manufacturers of heating appliances, O.E.M.’s, Architects and M&E Consultants, to provide a modern efficient solution. In new build, or renovation projects and for all appliances that require a chimney or flue, Cheminées Poujoulat have a solution that is adapted for the application, appliance and fuel, using their comprehensive range of system chimneys, connections, liners, terminals, exhaust fans, silencer, generator exhausts, pressurized and condensing systems, etc. The whole of our manufacture brings an easy to install, reliable solution, with products that are tested and certified, to the corresponding standards and regulations in force. All our products are the subject of intensive and regular tests at the CERIC Laboratory: With over 1000 tests per year carried out, for Quality Assurance plus Research & Development requirements. Poujoulat places at the disposal of all its partners a universe of services and exclusive support, comprising of customer support, logistic capacity, Technical education, marketing and communication. ... More ... less


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