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Alcantara is the brand born from the material of the same name, the result of exclusive technology. A material unique for its technical, sensory and aesthetic performance, which makes it perfect in different contexts, from fashion to art to home and car design. The Alcantara brand was born in 1972 when the initial patent by a Japanese scientist was acquired by an Italian company. Since then, Alcantara has been producing this "material of the future" that has become synonymous with contemporary lifestyle, and is a symbol of Made in Italy in the world. With its headquarters in Milan and production plant in Nera Montorno, Umbria, the company also relies on the collaboration of small and medium-sized local artisans, thus boasting a totally Italian production, but distributed all over the world, with an export share that reaches 90 percent of its turnover.

Alcantara in Interior Design

Alcantara's appeal makes it a perfect material for upholstering the home, not only for upholstered furniture, such as sofas, armchairs, or cushions, but also bedheads, curtains, and as wall coverings, and, in the outdoor version Alcantara Exo, it is also suitable for use outdoors. Resistant to light and heat, Alcantara is fire retardant, breathable, warm in winter and cool in summer, durable and washable. Its versatility makes it capable of transforming into a dress, a handbag, or covering a sofa or the interior of a car or plane, but it also finds application in hi-tech. A wide variety of colors, combined with different processing (prints, perforations, engravings, weaves) and the possibility of pairing Alcantara with other materials such as leather, wood, or carbon fiber, make the material's customization possibilities almost infinite.

Alcantara, the material of the future

Alcantara is a material that does not fit into any product category, because with its birth something new was created, defining a category of its own, which did not exist before. The production process is unique and still secret. Alcantara represents modernity and the avant-garde, technology and functionality, embodying the new trends of contemporary lifestyle: it is an elegant material, soft to the touch, but also strong and durable, as well as easy to clean. The special processes create endless textures that, combined with the different color tones, amplify the possibilities of customization. Already since 2009, Alcantara has been a Carbon Neutral product, which means it has a zero CO2 emissions balance, assessed not only during the production process, but also during use and disposal. The company has always been sensitive to the issue of sustainability, as attested by the numerous certifications obtained over the years and the strict controls carried out on the amount of emissions produced by all company activities. ... More ... less



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