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Aliticon is a furniture design and manufacturing studio, producing furniture for public and commercial objects, as well as for private interiors.
Aliticon works in collaboration with different product designers and produce chair, armchairs, stools, coaches and tables based on their unique design. Every piece is a result of endless passion for making products with its own style and character, realized in creation of furniture made of beech wood, ash wood, different kinds of metal, and soft upholstered materials.
Among the collections you can always find something new and unusual. Aliticon pays a huge attention to ergonomics, keeping in mind every possible scenario of using the furniture in daily life. You can enjoy not only beautiful design but the real user experience.
In the factory catalogue you will find a wide range of basic models, which may be manufactured in various upholstery and color combinations.
The exceptional quality and attention to details is a hallmark of Aliticon. Company services provides not only mass production for HoReCa and private sectors, but also experiment prototyping and exclusive creating. ... More ... less

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