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Valencia / Spain

Allca produces recycled plastic carpets based on conscious design. Each piece is unique, hand woven from plastic waste, recovered from rivers and seas. The products are also digitally printed which reduces water consumption by 10 times compared to a traditional manufacturing process. Digital printing, by eliminating the polluting dyeing phase of the spinning process, not only has a significant impact on water saving, but also offers the possibility of infinitely expanding the graphic possibilities, differentiating the brand on the market.

Properties and benefits of Allca carpets

The high quality recycled polyester allows you to use the carpets outdoors as well. The slightly satin finish of the material is less porous than other fibers making it easier to remove surface stains. This makes it highly recommended for homes with children, pets or people with allergy problems. The carpets are soft and warm to the touch: the feeling is very similar to that of a natural fiber like cotton. Its thickness and weight create a perfect balance, without making it too rigid. The carpets can be easily rolled up for storage and transport. They are also reversible, so both sides of the product are equally attractive and useful. ... More ... less

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