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For the past 50 years, the Italian brand Alpes Inox has manufactured and marketed kitchen modules, kitchen appliances, and stainless steel sinks. It is 1954 when Nico Moretto, after some time spent as a draughtsman in the technical division of Smalterie Metallurgiche Venete, decides to start his own manufacturing lab. By experimenting with the knowledge and the expertise acquired in steel manufacturing, over the time the entrepreneur decides to only produce with stainless steel. In 1964, he brings to the market built-in appliances including metal sinks, hobs, ovens and cooker hoods. From that moment on, the history of Alpes Inox joins that of the successful brands that have made the history of design and spread the excellence of the Made in Italy around the world. Together with being a guarantee of design quality and high technical standards, Alpes Inox products stand out for their unique surface finish. Stainless steel, a non-oxidizable material, hygienic and resistant is coupled with 19/10 chrome-nickel so to obtain a unique silver finish shade, an immediate statement of the brand signature style. Alpes Inox offer runs along two precise and complementary trajectories. On the one hand, the appliances, on the other, the kitchen furniture, summed up in two separate collections. This double soul enables the company to legitimately state itself on the market.

The Liberi in Cucina collection by Alpes Inox

The Liberi in Cucina project introduced in 2018, encompasses a series of freestanding kitchens in stainless steel, that can be positioned as the space requires. These freestanding units feature one independent element for each function, from washing to food preparation, from cooking to conservation and storage. As a counterbalance to the compact-sized units for professional use such as the C190 freestanding kitchen, there are more traditional and complete models like the LC310-1 fitted kitchen, always in stainless steel. The catalog also offers mono-functional solutions such as the L190 kitchen unit for sinks, equipped with a two-bowls sink with different heights and a compartment for the dishwasher; or the 130 cooking hob serving as a semi-professional cooking area made of five gas burners, an electric grill and two handy drawers. Alpes Inox also offers island all-inclusive kitchen elements more in line with the latest trends. An example is Isola 300 snack that features a spacious countertop with a snack area, sink, waste sorting unit, oven, dishwasher and flipping induction hobs; or even Isola LC 280 Snack, characterized by a front in stainless steel and wood and equipped with induction hob, concealed extractor hood, single-bowl sink and dishwasher. Just like the kitchen changes to become more flexible, the furniture changes too, following new unexpected dynamics. This is how outdoor kitchens like Outdoor 190 and Outdoor 130 came to life. Here the stainless steel central body is placed besides the burners and the grill. There is always a new chance to experiment and unleash imagination. This is the case of Liberi in cucina Column 128 and Liberi in cucina Column 98 Oven, a stainless steel project with customizable finishes in oak wood and laminate.

Today’s equipment, Alpes Inox appliances and sinks

The Today’s equipment collection gathers Alpes Inox offer of appliances and sinks. The product symbol of the catalog is certainly the flip-up cooking hob. Designed by Nico Moretto, this product allows for a maximum optimization of the available space offering all at once whatever is needed for meal preparation. The cutting-edge Flip-Up Hob got awarded the ADI Compasso d’Oro prize in1998. An interesting solution is offered by Countertop hobs, handy and versatile, available in the gas, induction, gas and induction variants. Next to the offer of kitchens and hobs, the catalog dedicated to one or more bowl sinks is vast. In this case too, the use of stainless steel proves fundamental not only for its steadiness and resistance, but also for the freedom it enables to play with shapes. The Undermount sink in 19/10 chrome-nickel and cast-iron grilles is an example. Being a piece that is up to any type of preparation, it can easily fit also in the most modern and non-conventional kitchens. For more traditional design solutions that are anyways high-performing, the catalog features a number of sinks, built-in two-bowl sinks with a draining board, built-in two-bowl sinks with a drawer beneath, for waste sorting. Accessories such as chopping boards in polyethylene, stainless steel racks, basin covers, stainless steel knives, stainless steel basins with a perforated base, mixers and waste sorting units are available on demand for all sinks. Alpes Inox offer includes appliances that perfectly suit both home kitchens and professional kitchens. The cooker hoods, available in the extractor and air purifying models, offer two sorts of solutions without any of them giving up on the solidity of stainless steel. An example of this product are the CFE and SEA cooker hoods. ... More ... less

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