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Since 1969 it is the first producer of systems for PVC doors and windows in Italy.
Thanks to the modernity, the potential of the manufacturing division and the strength of a skilled task working in synergy and with passion, Alphacan means Made in Italy quality and design; peculiarities making our systems for PVC fittings renowned worldwide.
A corporate environment always on the cutting edge, aimed to the creation of new models for a sustainable development focused on the efficiency of building products for the outer enclosure and the implied energetic saving in buildings.
ALPHACAN has its roots in the territory of Trentino, from which it took the strong culture of environmental respect and sustainability.


During the early Seventies, the company begins, in Trentino, its pioneering manufacturing activity of PVC profiles for the window market with the Bonetti Family at the helm, then under the Profila and Fersina brands and then it was merged into Alphacan Group's business unit.
During these years we developed and strengthened the business on our Southern European target markets improving the export which has at its disposal a structure able to fully meet the needs of the professional operators of the reference market and of the final users.


Alphacan Group is active with 5 plants in Europe and its staff consists of 750 units, highly specialized and provided with a high level of skills, part of the Kem One Innovative Vynils unit. Alphacan Group has at its disposal 2 R&D Centres a production capacity of 80,000 tons of PVC profiles per year.


Alphacan Group's Italian division is Alphacan S.R.L., which manufactures and markets worldwide systems of profiles for PVC windows and doors.
The Hi-Tech know-how and the research activities of a great group such as Alphacan perfectly blend with the peculiarities of the Italian tradition such as the creativity the design talent, the care for details, enabling our products to reach a high quality level both in terms of technical performance, and for styling lines.
Alphacan S.R.L. is mainly active on the Italian market and, over the last years, intensified its export operations gaining more and more market shares in Southern Europe, in the Balkans and in Latin America.
Since the beginning, Alphacan is not only the leading company on the Italian market of PVC profiles, but it was as well the first one to launch PVC window profiles in South Eastern Asia, which s characterised by tropical climates with high humidity and extreme temperature. Since more than 40 years windows equipped with Alphacan profiles are manufactured and installed, confirming their unparalleled beauty, uniqueness, resistance and reliability over time. ... More ... less

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