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ALUSCALAE Srl was set up in 2002 on the initiative of its stakeholders who came from the industry of semi-finished aluminium goods and who have considerable expertise in the potential uses of aluminium extrusions and laminates, their mechanical working processes and their final protective and decorative treatments. Aluscalae's activity consists in designing, building, installing or else supplying direct assembly kits, aluminium alloy structures for architecture destined to public, private, residential and tertiary sector constructions. Aluscalae's solutions concern the finishing elements such as access and safety staircases, balustrades and railings for terraces and urban furnishing, pedestrian surfaces and mezzanines, thoroughfares, and monoblock prefabricated balconies particularly suited to hotel buildings. All of the Aluscalae systems are built according to a highly flexible design philosophy allowing the structural elements to be optimised, and the finishing solutions to be personalised according to the wishes of the designer and the customer. Aluscalae's aim, expressed by means of its commercial, technical and production personnel, is to put forward 100% aluminium solutions as a replacement for steel, wood or concrete, endowed with a highly attractive appearance, capable of withstanding the atmospheric elements even in the maritime atmosphere, completely maintenance-free throughout the entire product life-cycle. ... More ... less


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